Thursday, May 03, 2012

Good Times

Some handmade cards I made at the weekend. I wanted to produce some cards that beginners could manage so I concentrated on
  • types of glues
  • matting
  • stamping
  • rule of 3
  • using ruler and knife or cutters
I like all of them, but I prefer some more than others.

I love the little girl with with the 'after the rain ....the sun always shines again'.If you click on the photos you can see a bit more detail, including the gel pen and the sequins. I love the circles stamp and the Martha Stewart circle punch. Could see me using them a lot!

The car is a stamp I borrowed from Anna. I'm not a great lover of mens cards, either bought, or hand made, but must admit I think this is okay. As you can see from the second photograph I liked it so much I made a second card with it. Always interesting how different colours can completely change the appearance of something. I've intentionally left the tab blank at the bottom to personalise.
       Another stamp I love is the tree with the sequins, brads and bits and bobs attached.

In other news.........
  • Went to MJ's all day crop Saturday which was fab and got lots made
  • Caught up with Heather for a cuppa. Took a cake homemade cake round, which I then shrinkwrapped and popped into a Tesco box .....ahem ;)
  •  Had a lovely afternoon with the lovely Lydia. Was treated to lunch at Henry Street Garden Centre in Aborfield, very nice. And then we went for a stroll around the fish shop. I have decided I love fish! It was so soothing just watching all the different types, I could have stayed there for hours!
  • Positive governor meeting
  • Assessing
  • And have taken out some Ella stress on kitchen cupboards and cupboard under the stairs. Tonight she has been a diamond, last night she was truly awful to her carer, to such an extreme that I would totally understand if Vicky never came back :( Anyhow, that's for another day, this is a positive post!
  • Now watching Four Weddings and A Funeral - haven't seen it for a few years, forgot just how funny the script was!
  • So a very mixed bag so far this week, that's far more a 'normal' week in our home!


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