Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Pity party over ..... well, put in a box for today, it's still there, but absolutely refuse to let it spoil my last forty-something birthday. Oh okay, might as well come out and say it, 49 today!

Weather is beautiful and I'm feeling the love all around :)

So photos.........
 Complete surprise to get a bouquet of flowers from Jeff :)
  Mum gave me a tenner for my birthday so took it with me to a car boot. Found some absolute bargains - think because it's the first one for weeks with the cr*p weather we've been having. So I can say all of these are from Mum! The 2 family history books are for Jeff, he's getting into that. I love, simply love the test tubes. Not sure what they were for originally, but thinking single stems, 2 different heights, and they would look fab. Have been looking for 7 glasses for ages (rainbow) but really hard to find. So when the woman was selling 8 small and 4 large for a pound, well seemed rude not to!
 So the set of 4 candles aren't in perfect nick - but honestly, they're going to be hanging in the garden on the decking come rain or shine, so I thought £2.00 for all 4 was a bargain. Then the set of 6 small ones. They were also £2.00 for 6. The colours are a bit faded, but the frames and glasses are in perfect condition, so I'm thinking some Tattered Angels spray could bring them back to life. Watch this space! And the box?
 So this was what was in the box. I loved the turquoise necklace and earrings. Then I saw the necklace with all the stones. Anyhow long story short, the woman admitted not all the jewellery is complete so if I wanted I could have the whole box for a fiver!!! If I wanted? Oh I suppose I could to do her a favour Mwahahah! I'm not fussed about the necklaces with the big beads. The blue necklace at the front is broken. The one with all the shapes is completely knotted, that'll take hours to unknot. And the black daisies have only got one earring. But with my make do head on, I'm pretty sure all the jewellery will be used one way or another :)


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