Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Legacy

Well lookie at that - I have made another page and tabs! I still get a thrill out of doing things like that. When I was at school it was typewriters - yeah, that long ago LOL Then nannying and working on a childrens ward computer knowledge wasn't needed. Fast forward to my first office job. "Can you use computers?" "Oh yes, no problem!" ...... Immediate reaction when I was offered the job was "Yeah!!!!" A second later it was "Sh*ttttttt!" So I would go into the office early every morning and read the manual learning how to turn the bloody thing on and off - thought that would be a good start ;) Can I just say I am a kinaesthetic learner (see and do) so self teaching myself by reading a book was bloody hard work but I got there :) But it was an office of about 12-15 twenty-something males who all had an ego the size of America and thought women were second rate citizens, so anytime anything went wrong - i.e. I hadn't yet read the chapter that would enable me to complete the requested task, I would just smile and look like a dumb blond (yes used to be blond, a lot!) Worked every time!

Fast forward to now. I am determined not to fail, but you should see the hours I spend working something out. I could have asked the boys, and I probably would have had the new page in 5 minutes. So it took a 'little' longer than 5 minutes *blush* but I got there. So please, click on the tab and have a read - leave an honest comment - but not too cruel - you know I'm a menopausal wreck - of what you think!

And don't forget the follow this page - thank you Beth :) - I know you're reading this Joy - Laura - Jeanette - Sandra - etc!!!!


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