Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Who I am in May 2012

Well this layout took me completely by surprise. The lovely and talented Miss KT Shenanigans ;) had posted a layout on facebook about herself, and explained it was for a challenge on Merly Impressions. Then the urge struck - a scrapbooking urge *rolls eyes* at the rood minded amongst you - to have a go. Initially I was going to go with a photo on it, but the journalling sort of grew and grew and grew. Me, writing too much, who'd have thought it? The challenge was all about scrapping yourself, so I thought I'd just talk about where I am right now. Which despite all the difficulties is still a good place, as the layout explains.

Oh, and I've added one of those 'follow me' lists on the sidebar. Please add your name if you do read this, I sometimes think I talk to myself - well, yes, I do talk to myself quite often, but that's a whole other story! Would be nice to know that someone is listening LOL


  1. Oh wow! Such a gorgeous layout Suzanne!!! And it is so hard sometimes to scrap without a pic! Fantastic! And thank you for playing along with pur first challenge at Merly Impressions!

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    As Emilie said a gorgeous layout! love the colours. Thank you for taking part.

    Chrissy xx
    Merly Impressions.

  3. Brilliant idea - I'm so glad you joined in with the challenge. Can be so hard to scrap ourselves. TFS x

  4. What a brilliant idea. I did a similar mini book 3 years ago when I turned 45 And it was my 45 favourite things in no particular order @ 45 years old, I look back now and realise I dont spend enough time on me.
    I love the layout
    Lisa x


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