Monday, June 25, 2012

Ella and Joe (mostly!)

Ella hasn't been herself for a while - I still think it's the whole Joseph thing is bringing up some deep rooted abandonment issues, poor hunny. Came to a head when she had a go at Vicky, and had been daily until she whacked her head last week - think that scared the living daylights out of her - and us! The weekend has been hard work. I had a phone call from school on Friday, she'd been very unpleasant to the taxi driver and escort so I had to go and collect her. We've spent the whole weekend on eggshells. Several times the signs of a meltdown were appearing but we managed to keep her from going over the edge. But it has been such hard work, I feel physically and emotionally exhausted. We have praised her so much about how well she's done. If she controls her mood swings then hopefully the more positive re-inforcement the better. But atm I don't think hormones are helping at all, so don't think she's totally in control. Her SW is visiting on Friday and I am torn between, as always, saying 'everything's fine, no problems' and 'no, actually Alf I'm not coping.' Probably will decide when he asks!

In other news thanks to being so needy this weekend I've seen Breaking Dawn twice and Eclipse once - I think Aversion Therapy may work LOL

Ella and Vicky tried to make peppermint creams at the weekend - for the second time. The first time Vicky missed one of the steps in the recipe and made what Ella described very aptly as wet sand. The second faired no better despite following the recipe. Of course Ella tipping the food colouring in instead of adding a few drops might not have helped!

Mini pompom wool creates lovely blankets, as long as you don't knot the ball of wool! This weekend has seen Ashton, me, Jeff and Ben spend absolutely hours and hours unravelling and unknotting. I was determined we would succeed - in hindsight defeat is sometimes the better choice LOL

My aunty suggested, as Joseph has adjusted so well to being told what to do and when to do it, that maybe he would suit being in the forces, which actually makes sense. So I thought, before I suggested it I'd check out how his criminal record would affect an application. And the good news is that it would only prevent him applying in certain areas. Great. His ADHD is not a problem if he had been ADHD 'free' (seriously?) for over 4 years. Well, technically he was discharged 5 years ago and hasn't had Ritalin for the same period so there's another tick. Even the head injury doesn't seem insurmountable. So here's me thinking that this could be a real possibility when ........................ guess what will prevent him applying? ..................His fricking asthma!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose if I'm thinking without my Mum head on I get that. The last thing you need is someone having an asthma attack at a really crucial moment. But with my Mum head on all I can think of is "F***, can't the boy catch a break!"

Laterz xx


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