Monday, June 04, 2012

Week Round Up

Where did that last week go? No, seriously, where did it go? I'm not sure how I managed to fit teaching into my week, because I seem even busier now than I was when I was at the college!

So, Joe -  big row brewing, oh lucky me! - and fighting still with CICA and the Tribunal. We're now having to appeal the fact that they reckon he doesn't deserve a penny as he has a criminal record ...... he's only had the criminal convictions since the bloody head injury. Makes me fume - over 3 years this has been going on. The lad pleaded guilty to wounding and causing GBH withoug provocation. He had a curfew, community service and a £100 fine - pathetic. And here Joe is having to fight for even so much as a penny. Something is definately wrong with the system. I would hate to think cutbacks had anything to do with this *rolls eyes sarcastically*

Ella only had one major meltdown this week, but still stopped me catching up with some old college friends. And we ended up in A & E with her yesterday. Suspected appendicitus, thankfully not. Benjamin was a trooper and sat up with her holding the sick bucket (what? oh, TMI!)  from 3-6am to give me a break. Also found out that a high dose of codeine (given by A & E) makes her head "shake and bang" :( The doctor also found a heart murmur! Apparently a lot of the time they're just there, but no problem, however they can be a sign with the FHS of thickening of the veins, so we'll add a cardiologist to the list of consultants!

Jeff's been decorating Mum's bedroom - we had our instructions to get it completed before she came back from France ..... and we made sure it was. Those of you that know Mum know why we wouldn't dare upset her LOL

Hev read about half my book and reckoned she loved it - hope she wasn't just being nice. And then critiqued it to the nth degree! Speaking of which, how come nobody has clicked on the tab at the top of this page and left a comment about the excerpt from the book? I know, nag much ;)

Finished decorating the room - well, except for Jeff varnishing the floor, and I can't wait forever for that. And I love it! Now - if you check at the top of the page there's another tab - called Spirit-Mind-Body - and you can see some photos of the room :) Did I mention I love it?!

Got a careers grant from the local council - has to be spent on the carer for a break ........ so I'm off to Debden scrapping in 2 weeks with some girlfriends courtsey of BFC :)

Jeff's been scarifying the back garden - oh my God that contraption is amazing, thanks Patrick and Angela, the lawn's the best it's looked in 16 years (I know, we've lived here 16 years last week!!). Although, must say, seeing as we allowed the boys to use it as a football/badminton/you name it pitch for 16 years, can't really be surprised at the state it was in!

Speaking of Patrick and Angela, took our adorable Orla out Monday to the park and feed the ducks :)

What else? still finishing odd student for the college; interviewing at SMC in governor role; and wading through appeals.

Oh and for the first time ever went to Nirvana Spa - blissssssss. Went with Ariane, Ami and Joy and had 3 solid hours of doing nothing but chilling and chatting. Definately one to be repeated, wonder if I could get it on prescription? LOL


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