Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yet another week vanished

Well those ten days were full on. Let's see what I can remember .......

Monday Joshua had to have a 24 hour ECG following that scare last November. I'm pretty sure it will be fine, but we'll all be a whole lot happier when we know for sure.

Ella had a full on meltdown Wednesday, what a nightmare that was. Ended up hurting herself so a trip to A & E was needed - again! Josh and Ben were so worried about her they came with us, bless. The triage nurse turned out to be the same one that had looked after her the other Sunday! He gave her a side room rather than wait in the waiting room. At one point she was asleep on the hospital bed,  Ben was curled up on 2 chairs and Josh crashed out on the floor. Of course yours truly had to stay awake - and we didn't get away from there until 3.30am.

I've started a 6 week beginners course in Makaton.

Answered a call for support for a friend - sending her tons of love and support xx

Did I mention is now up and running? Pleased with how it looks - just need some customers now! Spread the word!

Also got another idea growing, I am really beginning to feel that things are turning around, which probably means I'm going to turn the corner and reality will give me a quick kick up the behind!

Been crafting like mad - will upload some photos tomorrow. Downside is I seriously need to tidy up my crafting stash, like seriously!

And the weekend? Well I went away for the weekend with a group of scrapping girlfriends. I scrapped and read and slept - I mean I slept a lot! Usually when I go away I'm last to bed and first up. I was first to bed both nights and even had a nap Saturday afternoon. But then, I've had 4 nights in the last 2 weeks when I didn't go to sleep till 4am, so I suppose I needed to catch up!
Scrapping retreat 2012


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