Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Over a month? What's that about!

Anyone miss me? Been very stressed so decided not to post - don't mind the odd whinging post, but who wants to read misery upon misery! So in a nutshell:

Ella has been incredibly hard work, but social services have finally agreed we need respite and we are going to get 1 night a month and 1 day a month. Cannot wait - especially if the nights are when Jeff's working as I plan to jet about the country and catch up with some friends :)

Finally saw Joe after nearly 5 months! He's looking really well, doing incredibly well, and I'm proud of his efforts. Let's just hope that once he's out he doesn't slip back into old ways.

Benjamin has been in France since the beginning of July, initially as a holiday with Robert and family, and now fruit picking! So proud of him, he wants a new computer and knows we can't help him with that so he got himself a summer job.

Loads of other boring stuff that doesn't deserve a post!

Next few posts will be loads of photos - much more fun than loads of words LOL!