Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Life with a Bump

What a mixed bag of allsorts we've had this week! Since coming back from France:

Ella has taken a week so far to adjust, it's a miracle I'm able to type this, she has become an absolute clingon. Nearly had a tantrum on Friday, but managed to contain it, and again on Saturday. I'd like to think she's learning coping skills, but think it's far more these are just tremors and the full-scale earthquake is on it's way.

Had a lovely parcel arrive from the lovely Lynn. Is it just me or is actually post you can hold still something so much more exciting than emails and texts etc. Not that at the right moment they're not appreciated. I often send a text to let someone know I'm thinking of them, and the text and emails I get when Joe went 'away' helped keep me sane. I think that was one of the times I missed Jeff's Mum most. I know she would have got exactly how I felt. I digress, for a change. So back to the parcel, I still love receiving letters in the post. Looking at the stamp, the paper, the person's handwriting - we're losing all that. I still have letters from my cousin when we were children, I think it's a shame letter writing is a dying art. Josh wanted some writing paper to write a note to his girlfriend and I told him how much it would mean to her :) So keep those letter-writing skills up folks. In fact I'm so keen I've volunteered on a Royal Mail scheme where you send letters and record how long they take etc. For my troubles I will get some stamps etc, thank you very much :)

Ben is excitedly waiting for his well-earned new computer.The hours and work he put in splicing the corn - or whatever they were doing - he earnt every penny!

Josh - not a lot to report, except when we went on holiday he had only 2 instructions - strip our beds so they could air while we were away. Keep the house tidy. Well the house was tidy - sadly our beds were not stripped - I mean, how hard was that! *Sigh* Apart from that he's fine.

Jeff's back to work and doesn't feel like he's been away - we all feel like that, why is that? And the big car has broken down - two things to be very thankful for - that Jeff can fix it and that it didn't break on the French motorways!

I've had 2 headaches already since I've been back, and my sinuses are all blocked again - bloody Thames Valley.

And we're down to Joe. This week has been a bloody difficult week , we've had 'words', but hopefully with a positive ending. Looks like he's getting out early on tag and is going to live with Dad and Sandra - away from all the losers he mixed with here, so fresh start for him :) Speaking of Bracknell losers, good time to add this cartoon that's doing the rounds on facebook atm:
If the cap fits ......
So between Joe and Ella it's been a fraught emotional week.
Bloody car packing up (although at least it waited till we got home!) meant the carboot we planned to do this weekend has been put on hold - and you know how tight money is after a holiday!
Lovely Lynn helped with the surprise package.
Awesome Anna helped by coming round for a few hours and helping me talk through my work plans for the future. Oh and giving me a few bits and pieces, which I will make it up to her when I get to purge her craft room.
Julie (struggling with 'J' -Juicy Julie sounds very wrong LOL) and I had a fab Saturday evening and planning her future, which she will not be arguing with me about. And for treating me to a takeaway Indian - which is a once a year birthday treat normally as it's always so bloody expensive! And for telling me she thinks I'm inspirational :)
And Vicky came to see Ella yesterday. Now Ella loves the rolo cookies you can buy at the supermarkets so I thought it would be worth trying to make them. I found a recipe (and picture) on cookiesandcups website. Well picture A is the web authors version - Picture B (borrowed from google as camera batteries are dead) is Ella and Vicki's efforts!!! At least they are edible, which is more than can be said for the peppermint creams disasters!

Phew, that was a long round up. Unless anything truly amazing happens - yeah right, likely much?! - next post will be Throwback Thursday as I am determined to finish the last 2 sodding chapters of the book. Drama and excitement - that was all easy - boring fillers much harder because they're, well, boring!

Laterz xxxxx


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