Saturday, August 04, 2012

Crafting bits and bobs

Ella "Mum, look!" as she lifts her arms.
Me "What baby?"
Ella "Hairs!"
Me "Oh ok, I'll shave them again."
Ella "What again? But you've done it."
Me "I know babe but they will keep growing."
Ella "So you've got to shave me again and again and again!?"
She then stomped off muttering about how unfair life is LMAO!

Taken straight from yesterday's facebook post, but toooo funny not to share!

So I did promise photos. Here's a few for today ............

For Ella's last K2 Youth Club until September I offered to bake cakes. Now what possessed me to leave it until the last minute (well, okay, that's a given!) and let Ella help is anybodies guess. A word of caution - if you plan to let your child help with the sprinkles, ensure that the lid is a shaker variety ........ not a pourer! Two of the cakes had 90% of the spinkles and the other 22 had the remaining 10% LOL Also - cupcake ice creams are blooming hard work. I had read you can put the batter in and then bake as a whole, but I didn't want to do that as it sounded like a lot of sponge. So I baked cupcakes normally, took the wrappers off and popped them in the cornet. So they top half was fab, but the bottom was really dry - and they did not want to stand, hence the slapdash buttercream! One of the parents suggested some Smarties at the bottom to weigh them down and make the cone more interesting. Anybody got any other ideas?

Each year the village next door where Mum grew up have like a Produce and Homemade Fayre. I've always been on holiday so have got a good excuse why I couldn't join in. This year no such excuse! But after a full on week planning, yep, that retirement party, the day before I just collapsed and decided not to bother. Now, those of you that know my Mum can imagine what happened next. Yep guilt and a sleepless night! So got up at 6am on the Saturday, sorted printed and mounted 3 photos for 'Sunset', 'Winter Weather' and 'Life on the Farm'. Then made a 60th wedding anniversary card. And finally '4 cupcakes'. Other parts had specific instructions, eg ' cheese scones'. So I assumed free rein. You know what assumption is don't you? Photo is of the 4 I made (plus 2 to try). Got to say tweaked my chocolate cake recipe and it was perfect. We have blackforest gateaux with cherry pie filling inside; ameretto with ameretto in the batter and the topping, covered with a crushed ameretto biscuit and another whole one: mint chocolate batter and topping with matchmakers; and finally orange wine drizzled over the hot cupcake, added to the batter and a chocolate orange on top. I kept the dec's simple due to the time limit I had given myself, but thought they all followed a theme, and they tasted fantabulous! The end time for delivering entries was 10.30 and I got there at 10.25. Yep, norm for me!

The result - not in the first 3 and not even Highly Commended. So, okay, I could have lived with that, I know there's a ton of people out there with far superior baking skills, but ...... the judges hadn't even tasted them! Not one off of any of the entrants, they'd gone purely on decoration. So was a bit miffed, cos it didn't say that or I wouldn't have spent so long making them taste so damned nice!

So this is the 60th wedding anniversary card - and I've got to thank Soo again for showing me the benefits of digistamps and suggesting the website this one was on :) And ..... I won! If I was a bighead I would leave it at that, but got to be honest, there was only 4 entries LOL

I really wanted to decorate an old suitcase - I know, don't try to understand me, just love me :) - but they are hard to find and not cheap. So I saw this vanity case in a charity shop - I know, gotta love a bargain. I wanted a rectangle one ideally, but thought I would decorate just the outside of this one, and still keep my eye out for one to decorate the inside of. I have to say I love the finished effect, and when I used it as a prop at the HT Retirement party mentioned below I was bowled away by the number of peeps that commented positively on it.


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