Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love shopping somewhere else!

The lamp was 2 euros, battery operated, but Ella absolutely loves it!
The x's are actually tiny - about 3" - think they will look lovely off white.Tried to find enough letters to make words, but there wasn't!
Others are just a few bits I liked :)
Total spend 9 euros, just over £7.00
 Absolutely fell in love with this - less than a fiver. Planning to decorate downstairs loo when I get home, and it'll be perfect :)
 Now this is a bargain and then some! This wool averages £3.00 a ball even on ebay. Bought 3 balls in a closing down sale for under £4.00, am tempted to go back for some more. New scarf anyone?
Love these boxes - £1.90 each - really good quality - think they will be fab with a mini album in them :)

As always, lots of fab goodies for little spending :)


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