Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Penne D'Agenais

Having sort of a restful time, anyone that has a SN kid knows that you don't get a complete rest!

Today we visited a little bourg close to Robert's. We went so many years ago we thought it worth another trip. We did start to go yesterday, but Madam decided once she got out of the car to sit her behind on the steps and scream blue murder. So we gave up and left straight away.

But she promised she'd be good today, and apart from some whinging we actually managed to see most of the bourg and church - and what a church! Even if you're not very religious, there's something about the place - maybe just the 1000 year history, but whatever it is you can really sense it.

If you're into history or religion here's a linky-link :)

If you're not, here's a couple of my fav photos from the place .......

A 14th century prison or chapel - mixed signage LOL
Closest we got to a photo of Ella 'enjoying' herself!

No reason, just loved this wall!
Notre-Dame de Perigord
Grotto's behind the church


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