Thursday, August 16, 2012

The best charity shop in the world .... so far!

Had a bad, bad evening with Ella. Morning didn't start a whole lot better with Jeff still stressed and me getting a nose bleed? The solution ..... retail therapy :) On a budget of course LOL

So we went to a local market - that we go to every time we are here and couldn't find it! Ended up in a tourist office and they directed us. Was very restrained and only got a ten euro table cloth.

Then we went to a car shop for Jeff - yawn! - and finally to the most amazing charity shop I have found so far. No clothes which made a refreshing change to English charity shops. And it was stacked - I mean seriously stacked - with all sorts. Jeff had to drag me out in the end! So today you get the photos of the shop and tomorrow the goodies we bought :)


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