Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello September!

So have been running around like a headless chicken the last few weeks - I just love that expression I actually envisage a chicken doing the dance - which when you consider I'm a vegetarian is a bit strange!

I did consider stopping the blog - it's been a few weeks, but something lured me back - or sucked me back, not sure which!

Ella has had the best week since Joe went on his sabbatical! You can't begin to imagine the tension we've suffered for most of the year. And I'm sure it's only a reprieve, but I am truly grateful for it. SS are still working out ways to support this space!

Joe will be moving in with Dad and Sandra in a few weeks!!! I know, how quickly has that gone by. He was going to stay in and just come out when he's all done, but it's changing so much that he'd rather come out on tag. Which means he'll be out for his 21st and we can celebrate! Which means 21 years ago I had just opened the nursery - then proceeded to spend the following 6 weeks mostly in hospital waiting for him. And that was after I nearly lost him at 7 weeks, and had a couple of overnight stays in between. My Rhesus Monkey baby was giving me grief from almost the minute he was conceived - and I still love the bugger to death!

Josh, Ben and Jeff, not a lot to report - which in our family is always a good thing!

Me? I've finished the first Novella - decided to break it down into small pieces so they may only cost a pound or so on Amazon - exciting! Part 2 is well on it's way - would like to publish 1 and 2 together so that hopefully peeps will get invested in the characters and want to read more. So part 1 is with a teen at the moment giving it the once over - eek!

Have also been working behind the scenes on my next project.

Have 2 school appeals to take part in - I mean, come on, that's not fair, they're supposed to be in June/July at the end of the school year, not the beginning!

Oh, and trying to get the house back to how it was before the summer holiday. We have cobwebs on cobwebs.

So that's it for now, short and sweet - bit like me ;) xx


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