Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To great friends

A shout out to some lovely friends :) Jane for taking me to Starbucks (although maybe we shouldn't have, seeing as we both pay our taxes and they don't!)

Anna for lunch in The Range, and not enabling me to spend much in there - less than a tenner - unheard of!

Lynn and Don for having Ella so I could go to panto rehearsals. For baking with her. And for knowing she meant You Tube not Rude Tube.

Sandra for helping with Joe's 21st.

And Joy for giving up a days holiday on Thursday to hold my hand in court.

As i said on facebook, I am truly blessed to have such lovely people in my life.

Joe's 21st

Says it all really! It was Josephs 21st Saturday so had a hectic - sorry, another hectic! - few days and am now laid low with a rotten cold, praying I feel better before Thursday, or at the very least human.

A brief history on Joseph ........ It starts before he was conceived. I had a miscarriage before him and unbeknown to me I should have had an Anti-D (I think, looooong time ago!) or my body would reject the next pregnancy. And it did! Nearly lost him at 7 weeks, and had to have lots of those jabs during the pregnancy. I remember the doctor saying to me, 'not going to lie Suzanne, these hurt'. He was right. Couple of overnight admissions and most of the last 6 weeks of pregnancy were spent in a maternity ward watching everyone come and go. My only respite was when a locum doctor let me go for the weekend and I felt like I was on bail (ironic no?). On the Monday my regular consultant said hope you enjoyed your jail break, you're back to stay. He was born 2 weeks early weighing 5lb 10ozs, but long! At only 5 weeks we nearly lost him as he developed pneuomonia and pneumothorax, but he was a fighter. Over the years he's had the ADHD, a couple of nasty asthma attacks, and then 3.5 years ago the unprovoked head injury. And let's not even look at this year.

But he's our boy and some things are just worth the fight.

I need to sort out somewhere to add the birthday photos other than facebook, but in the meantime here's a few of my favourites :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yet Another Catch Up

As the heading says, yet another catch up. I'm not quite sure where time keeps disappearing to, I think the time snatcher has invaded our home.
Since last week

We have had 2 ladies from the BEST (Behaviour Support) team visit.
Someone from the Direct Payments scheme - we've been funded another 10 hours, 2 more for Vicky and 8 for a second person to keep Vicky company - somebody strong hopefully LOL.
I did 3 lots of Ear Candling - only £5.00 for your first visit if you're interested :)
Pantomime rehearsals.
Was school representative for another school place appeal.
Youth Club, Gym and Dancing for Ella.
Lady from BEST came back to do a session with Ella - everything crossed.
Found an amazing second hand shop near Dads, went Friday and Saturday! Photos next time!
Bought 2 handbags and a pair of ankle boots from charity shops for £12.00 total. Result.
Gave up trying to get a professional photographer for Joe's birthday cos they were silly money and instead Jeff told me to buy a good camera! So I already had a Canon EOS film camera with 2 good lenses that I've had for years. Thank you ebay, I now have a EOS 400D that my lenses fit onto, and a tripod for the shakes :)
Have been planning Joe's 21st.
Had coffee with a friend today and spend 1.5 hours putting the world to right. I will hang my head in shame and say that we went to Starbucks, which went against how I feel about them at the moment, but was a nice drink LOL!
Vicky's been round to see Ella.
And of course boring stuff like ironing and housework!
No wonder I have had a nagging headache for nearly a week!

And Friday we collected Joe :) One happy Mummy!

Photo isn't of Joe, there'll be plenty of him next week. This is the first ever photo taken with my new toy :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well knew it wouldn't last

I was only this morning thinking everything was rolling along smoothly. Hmmm. Ella. Sigh. She has been edgy the last couple of days ....tearful ...... difficult ...... but not uncontrollable. Well, until this afternoon. Took 5 teachers to get her on the bus and needed a harness to strap her in :( Every time I get a bit relaxed and can see light, someone turns the fricking light bulb off. So we have one screaming foul mouthed teenager screaming her socks off throwing anything that's near her. Will no doubt wet herself so I have to give her some attention. Boys are now stressed. I need to go take off my jewellery and glasses and put my hair up - basically prepare for the physical assault which will probably come next.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed tomorrow.
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scrapbooking Your Faith

Quick post as still chasing my tail!

Got to choose some more verses to go with my Life Verse (previous post).

I have the one on the wall in my study ........ Why wait for the storm to pass? Learn to dance in the rain.

I've bought another for the downstairs toilet ....... Be the best you, everyone else is taken.

But, obviously as this is a faith course, then want to make sure that I include some inspirational bible quotes, and I love this one .......

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sshhhh...... still in a good place :)

I say ssshhhhh, because it seems as soon as something goes right, 2 more things go wrong *rolls eyes*

So, work are paying me, must admit, very pleased, I would have gone to the union etc., but very pleased I don't have to!

Governor stuff has taken up too much time this week, but worth it in the end as got the outcome I was fighting for.

Actually managed to put money away for the month - haven't been able to do that since I don't know when!

Have booked a Christmas fair - eeek! Just have to hope buyers like what I'm selling!

Just watched Joshua and Benjamin play together in a football match, which was lovely!

Joe's out on the 19th.

Behaviour Support Team are coming out on Monday to chat with me, see how we can all support Ella.

Have found a willing mug - sorry, a lovely, helpful husband LOL who is going to create my book cover for me!

Rehearsals for Rumplestiltskin have started. I know it's going to take a bit of juggling, but I have to say I have loved the singing and meetings :)

Started the Scrapbooking Your Faith online course, and I am liking what I see :) We had to choose some verses that are important to us, and one that is our 'Life Verse' ...... I choose this ...

Monday, October 08, 2012

Sitting in a good place .....

Had a wonderful, 'lovely', weekend at Center Parcs with some of the girls. Hot tub, chocolates, wine, sauna, and even a couple of bike rides! Was planning to make everyone a gift - like past years, but time run away with me, so took my beads and taught everyone how to make their own book marks - key ring charms - bag charms - loads of fun listening to the language when the beads were flying everywhere!  And gave Debbie a few scrapping bits as she's going to scrap her cruise photos - see, I suck you all in sooner or later! Already organising booking for next year.

Now had several people read my book and have really liked the characters and want to know more, so self-publishing this week here I come :) Then I expect you all to buy it LOL!

Ella was a diamond all weekend :)

And Joe's early release has been approved!! So pleased for him, everyone deserves a second chance. His got lots of plans and feeling very positive.

And, no laughing now, I'm in the chorus for the next QP pantomine - Oh yes I am ;) Only a small part, bit of singing and dancing, but that suits, with everything else, it'll just be nice to get back on stage and have a bit of fun.

Off to nurse poor Jeff who's full of cold - then governor visit - pop round to Ariane's - governor meeting - Ella's youth club, so yeah, back to normal LOL


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Eventful Day So Far......

So it really is going to be one of 'those' days.

On the positive I have heard from Behavioural Support today and have set a date for them to come out and talk about Ella. I have mixed feelings - I don't think they can tell me anything about how to deal with Ella's behaviour that I don't already know. And okay, I don't mean that to sound big-headed, but having worked with kids, and taught childcare, for most of my working life, think I know how to cope. But maybe I'm too personally involved with Ella to see everything like a third person would. Like when we chatted to her SW. I knew Joe literally disappearing had completely thrown her off kilter. I didn't think about how my reaction to it had affected her. Like I said, third person. So we'll see, I'm quietly optimistic.

College - well that's a whole other matter! I know I'm hardly doing any hours any more, but I do expect to be paid for the hours I do do! I received an email this morning that literally had me shaking in anger, and that doesn't happen much any more! Enough said, just another issue to deal with - why can't anything be simple?

Finally, well my faith has taken a back seat lately. Not intentionally, but I seem to be so busy with the children's issues, governor stuff, work, and a number of other things, that faith, although always there, literally does take a back seat. I feel guilty about that (would that be the cradle Catholic in me that always makes one feel guilty about absolutely everything!) and yet can't seem to change anything. So I have signed up for a Big Picture Class on Scrapbooking Your Faith. I am determined to give myself the time I need to do this over the next few weeks. Starts next week - which is handy because I am, surprise, surprise, really busy over the next few days. Will hopefully help me reconnect with my faith.

That class can be found here .......... big picture class scrapbook your faith
Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oops - Hello October!

Time is definitely running away with me atm. Thing is, Jeff works two weekends out of three, and so the third we want to go down and visit Joe, but that's literally a whole day, so his weekend off also gets eaten into. Oh well, rather that than not see him. The YOI he is at has an absolutely dire visiting system and once he is out I shall be writing to them to tell them what I think of it!

Been to Frankie and Benny's and the cinema with Dawn - seeing Dawn was fab, seeing the film, not so much, was a bit let down - Hope Springs - it's supposed to be a comedy - well in my book, to be a comedy means having people laugh. Now you know I have a wicked sense of humour, so to me 5 laughs or less in a film does not make it a comedy! But what do I know?

Went to the Cake and Bake show at Earls Court with the lovely Lydia :) Totally enjoyable day - you would not believe how many people were there! Finished it off with 2 firsts - went to Westfields Shopping Centre (should have worn my Gucci darhling!) and had Vietnamese :)

Get together with Hev and Joy and Pat - always lovely :)

Seen Jeanette and practised Ear Candling on the poor thing! But she's booked another session, so assume I must be doing an okay job.

Ella's behaviour has dropped off - but after the fiasco with drivers and escorts it's hardly surprising. Wrote and complained about the driver to the council - 2 weeks later still waiting for a reply. There's a surprise.

We have had a date for Joe's CICA claim - November 1st - I shall be a nervous wreck, and at the end it's only to decide after 3.5 years if he's eligible. Absolute nightmare - obviously designed to make people give up - they didn't honestly think I would did they?

Have done a couple of wedding fairs and think I have a couple of serious enquiries - everything crossed :) And got a good contact with a bridal shop, so that's a plus too. Just need to decide which ones to book next year - you wouldn't believe how many wedding fair companies there are!

So, I'm sure you would rather some photos?

Sally and me - been years, felt like no time at all :)
Looking over into Weymouth
Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings at Portland with my Daddy
Isn't my Josh getting handsome - def takes after my side of the family ;)

Fireplace decorated for Autumn