Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Eventful Day So Far......

So it really is going to be one of 'those' days.

On the positive I have heard from Behavioural Support today and have set a date for them to come out and talk about Ella. I have mixed feelings - I don't think they can tell me anything about how to deal with Ella's behaviour that I don't already know. And okay, I don't mean that to sound big-headed, but having worked with kids, and taught childcare, for most of my working life, think I know how to cope. But maybe I'm too personally involved with Ella to see everything like a third person would. Like when we chatted to her SW. I knew Joe literally disappearing had completely thrown her off kilter. I didn't think about how my reaction to it had affected her. Like I said, third person. So we'll see, I'm quietly optimistic.

College - well that's a whole other matter! I know I'm hardly doing any hours any more, but I do expect to be paid for the hours I do do! I received an email this morning that literally had me shaking in anger, and that doesn't happen much any more! Enough said, just another issue to deal with - why can't anything be simple?

Finally, well my faith has taken a back seat lately. Not intentionally, but I seem to be so busy with the children's issues, governor stuff, work, and a number of other things, that faith, although always there, literally does take a back seat. I feel guilty about that (would that be the cradle Catholic in me that always makes one feel guilty about absolutely everything!) and yet can't seem to change anything. So I have signed up for a Big Picture Class on Scrapbooking Your Faith. I am determined to give myself the time I need to do this over the next few weeks. Starts next week - which is handy because I am, surprise, surprise, really busy over the next few days. Will hopefully help me reconnect with my faith.

That class can be found here .......... big picture class scrapbook your faith


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