Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joe's 21st

Says it all really! It was Josephs 21st Saturday so had a hectic - sorry, another hectic! - few days and am now laid low with a rotten cold, praying I feel better before Thursday, or at the very least human.

A brief history on Joseph ........ It starts before he was conceived. I had a miscarriage before him and unbeknown to me I should have had an Anti-D (I think, looooong time ago!) or my body would reject the next pregnancy. And it did! Nearly lost him at 7 weeks, and had to have lots of those jabs during the pregnancy. I remember the doctor saying to me, 'not going to lie Suzanne, these hurt'. He was right. Couple of overnight admissions and most of the last 6 weeks of pregnancy were spent in a maternity ward watching everyone come and go. My only respite was when a locum doctor let me go for the weekend and I felt like I was on bail (ironic no?). On the Monday my regular consultant said hope you enjoyed your jail break, you're back to stay. He was born 2 weeks early weighing 5lb 10ozs, but long! At only 5 weeks we nearly lost him as he developed pneuomonia and pneumothorax, but he was a fighter. Over the years he's had the ADHD, a couple of nasty asthma attacks, and then 3.5 years ago the unprovoked head injury. And let's not even look at this year.

But he's our boy and some things are just worth the fight.

I need to sort out somewhere to add the birthday photos other than facebook, but in the meantime here's a few of my favourites :)


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