Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oops - Hello October!

Time is definitely running away with me atm. Thing is, Jeff works two weekends out of three, and so the third we want to go down and visit Joe, but that's literally a whole day, so his weekend off also gets eaten into. Oh well, rather that than not see him. The YOI he is at has an absolutely dire visiting system and once he is out I shall be writing to them to tell them what I think of it!

Been to Frankie and Benny's and the cinema with Dawn - seeing Dawn was fab, seeing the film, not so much, was a bit let down - Hope Springs - it's supposed to be a comedy - well in my book, to be a comedy means having people laugh. Now you know I have a wicked sense of humour, so to me 5 laughs or less in a film does not make it a comedy! But what do I know?

Went to the Cake and Bake show at Earls Court with the lovely Lydia :) Totally enjoyable day - you would not believe how many people were there! Finished it off with 2 firsts - went to Westfields Shopping Centre (should have worn my Gucci darhling!) and had Vietnamese :)

Get together with Hev and Joy and Pat - always lovely :)

Seen Jeanette and practised Ear Candling on the poor thing! But she's booked another session, so assume I must be doing an okay job.

Ella's behaviour has dropped off - but after the fiasco with drivers and escorts it's hardly surprising. Wrote and complained about the driver to the council - 2 weeks later still waiting for a reply. There's a surprise.

We have had a date for Joe's CICA claim - November 1st - I shall be a nervous wreck, and at the end it's only to decide after 3.5 years if he's eligible. Absolute nightmare - obviously designed to make people give up - they didn't honestly think I would did they?

Have done a couple of wedding fairs and think I have a couple of serious enquiries - everything crossed :) And got a good contact with a bridal shop, so that's a plus too. Just need to decide which ones to book next year - you wouldn't believe how many wedding fair companies there are!

So, I'm sure you would rather some photos?

Sally and me - been years, felt like no time at all :)
Looking over into Weymouth
Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings at Portland with my Daddy
Isn't my Josh getting handsome - def takes after my side of the family ;)

Fireplace decorated for Autumn


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