Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well knew it wouldn't last

I was only this morning thinking everything was rolling along smoothly. Hmmm. Ella. Sigh. She has been edgy the last couple of days ....tearful ...... difficult ...... but not uncontrollable. Well, until this afternoon. Took 5 teachers to get her on the bus and needed a harness to strap her in :( Every time I get a bit relaxed and can see light, someone turns the fricking light bulb off. So we have one screaming foul mouthed teenager screaming her socks off throwing anything that's near her. Will no doubt wet herself so I have to give her some attention. Boys are now stressed. I need to go take off my jewellery and glasses and put my hair up - basically prepare for the physical assault which will probably come next.

Normal service will hopefully be resumed tomorrow.


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