Monday, October 08, 2012

Sitting in a good place .....

Had a wonderful, 'lovely', weekend at Center Parcs with some of the girls. Hot tub, chocolates, wine, sauna, and even a couple of bike rides! Was planning to make everyone a gift - like past years, but time run away with me, so took my beads and taught everyone how to make their own book marks - key ring charms - bag charms - loads of fun listening to the language when the beads were flying everywhere!  And gave Debbie a few scrapping bits as she's going to scrap her cruise photos - see, I suck you all in sooner or later! Already organising booking for next year.

Now had several people read my book and have really liked the characters and want to know more, so self-publishing this week here I come :) Then I expect you all to buy it LOL!

Ella was a diamond all weekend :)

And Joe's early release has been approved!! So pleased for him, everyone deserves a second chance. His got lots of plans and feeling very positive.

And, no laughing now, I'm in the chorus for the next QP pantomine - Oh yes I am ;) Only a small part, bit of singing and dancing, but that suits, with everything else, it'll just be nice to get back on stage and have a bit of fun.

Off to nurse poor Jeff who's full of cold - then governor visit - pop round to Ariane's - governor meeting - Ella's youth club, so yeah, back to normal LOL



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