Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sshhhh...... still in a good place :)

I say ssshhhhh, because it seems as soon as something goes right, 2 more things go wrong *rolls eyes*

So, work are paying me, must admit, very pleased, I would have gone to the union etc., but very pleased I don't have to!

Governor stuff has taken up too much time this week, but worth it in the end as got the outcome I was fighting for.

Actually managed to put money away for the month - haven't been able to do that since I don't know when!

Have booked a Christmas fair - eeek! Just have to hope buyers like what I'm selling!

Just watched Joshua and Benjamin play together in a football match, which was lovely!

Joe's out on the 19th.

Behaviour Support Team are coming out on Monday to chat with me, see how we can all support Ella.

Have found a willing mug - sorry, a lovely, helpful husband LOL who is going to create my book cover for me!

Rehearsals for Rumplestiltskin have started. I know it's going to take a bit of juggling, but I have to say I have loved the singing and meetings :)

Started the Scrapbooking Your Faith online course, and I am liking what I see :) We had to choose some verses that are important to us, and one that is our 'Life Verse' ...... I choose this ...


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