Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yet Another Catch Up

As the heading says, yet another catch up. I'm not quite sure where time keeps disappearing to, I think the time snatcher has invaded our home.
Since last week

We have had 2 ladies from the BEST (Behaviour Support) team visit.
Someone from the Direct Payments scheme - we've been funded another 10 hours, 2 more for Vicky and 8 for a second person to keep Vicky company - somebody strong hopefully LOL.
I did 3 lots of Ear Candling - only £5.00 for your first visit if you're interested :)
Pantomime rehearsals.
Was school representative for another school place appeal.
Youth Club, Gym and Dancing for Ella.
Lady from BEST came back to do a session with Ella - everything crossed.
Found an amazing second hand shop near Dads, went Friday and Saturday! Photos next time!
Bought 2 handbags and a pair of ankle boots from charity shops for £12.00 total. Result.
Gave up trying to get a professional photographer for Joe's birthday cos they were silly money and instead Jeff told me to buy a good camera! So I already had a Canon EOS film camera with 2 good lenses that I've had for years. Thank you ebay, I now have a EOS 400D that my lenses fit onto, and a tripod for the shakes :)
Have been planning Joe's 21st.
Had coffee with a friend today and spend 1.5 hours putting the world to right. I will hang my head in shame and say that we went to Starbucks, which went against how I feel about them at the moment, but was a nice drink LOL!
Vicky's been round to see Ella.
And of course boring stuff like ironing and housework!
No wonder I have had a nagging headache for nearly a week!

And Friday we collected Joe :) One happy Mummy!

Photo isn't of Joe, there'll be plenty of him next week. This is the first ever photo taken with my new toy :)


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