Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yet another catch up!

Can see these catch up posts being a regular thing until Christmas the way life seems to be on fast forward. Still, I suppose if the world ends on 21st December I can honestly say I did not waste my life! Not as I think it will :)

So :
  • Joshua's foot is healing - realised how much damage he must have done when the bruise spread from the sole of his foot to half way up his calf!
  • Ella had another fit - gave the driver and escort a scare this time. Doctor has increased her meds by half as much again which will hopefully do the trick.
  • Oh, and while we're on Madam, her behaviour has been very up and down, but Ariane reminded me this time of year does usually throw her a loop - it was when her birth mum left and then she was taken into care :( Our adoption SW at the time said a lot of adopted children have this response, even though it is a completely sub-conscious action.
  • Still trying to find her a second carer so we can have that break we were promised.
  • Actually still waiting for the respite that was mentioned back in July.
  • You know that part-time job Joe was offered. Despite him having a written letter from the supermarket the Governor at the YOI refused to move his tag forward 15 minutes to allow Joe to get to work for 7am, so the offer has been retracted. I can't print how I feel about that little man. But I will be working on a clean version and tell him exactly what I think about his obvious views on rehabilitation. 
  • Crafting like mad - some photos at the bottom. Doing my first craft fair on Sunday with Anna HERE 
  • Jeff, Ella, Vicky and me went to the SMC school fair - being going to that one whenever possible for over 15 years - always feels like the start of Christmas.
  • Yet more governor meetings - admissions - what a nightmare. 
  • Ella sent home sick.
  • Joshua completed his Princes Trust course and really enjoyed it :) 
A few piccies of current crafting .......

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Legacy Stirs .......

The book is live! You can find it here on Amazon. It's only 1.49, less than a coffee ..... go on, treat yourself, you know you want to :)

Website here.

Special mention for the artwork to Connell McMenamin, who took on the challenge of creating the book cover after being volunteered to design it!