Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day in my Life .......

This one needs recording purely to remind me that some days I really shouldn't moan about being tired.

Inhale .......Wake at 6am with a cracking headache. Take 2 aspirin before I even get up. 7am get Ella ready for school. Thankfully no meltdown this morning. 8am Jeff goes round to Mums to help get her online, 76 and finally getting an email and a facebook account. Ben to school. 9.15 leave to drive to Slough to take Josh to his Prince's Trust course. B & Q and a bit of shopping in a shop called Family Bargains - bit like a posh Poundland. Drive to Reading to Hobbycraft to get some bits for craft fairs. Then to Makro to get some sweets for the party booking next week. Home. Sandwich. Super-quick shower! Jeff back to Slough to pick up Joshua. BEST lady at 3pm. Ben to his induction at Halfords. Jeff, me, BEST lady and Ella to gym. Home. While I make dinner Jeff collects Ben from induction. Then to rehearsals - arrive 10 mins late (which considering the day isn't bad!) Finish rehearsals. Home at 10.20. Take Ashton home. Home at 10.45. Check email. Then Jeff starts snoring. Finally get to sleep at 1am ........ Exhale!


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