Thursday, November 08, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Been feeling rough for the past week. Actually started the night of Joe's birthday. I probably shouldn't have gone to London on Thursday, but what you gonna do? Suffice to say woke up Friday feeling even worse. This is the longest coldy-fluey thing I have had in years and would be very happy if it would now kindly pack its bags and sod off!

On a positive ....... stuck at home not even wanting to play on the computer has had it's advantages ..... have managed to knit 9 scarves and about to start second pram blanket. Had bought the wool in France in the summer at a closing down sale - wish I'd bought lots more!

I think Joy avoided catching my cold!

The BEST woman has been 3 times now and is beginning to get a picture of Ella's needs and behaviour, so that's a good thing.

The lovely Dawn visited with lots of TLC..... but no soup! I thought you were supposed to bring poorly peeps homemade soup. There again, Dawn and homemade food .....

Jeff scanned some photos for Throwback Thursday for me, hadn't done it for a few weeks, and don't feel like doing much. You can find them on my facebook page or here ..... Throwback Thursday Page 

And, saving the best till last ...... I have my first booking. Okay, so not a wedding, but it's still a booking. An eight year old's birthday (what is it with me? The Nursery Nurse is never far from whatever I do!). The Mum wants the photo booth, sweetie bar, and for them to make a scrapbook page and a beady item! Sooooo chuffed - and once I shift this yeucky feeling I may even do a little dance!


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