Thursday, December 13, 2012

I know, I know.........

Another catch up! I'm not quite sure where the past 2 weeks have gone, probably the same way as the rest of the term (semester for my lovely American friends :) )

So what riveting stuff have I been up to? ........
  • Governor stuff, redoing the Admissions Policy, involving several meetings, phone calls and emails. I am beginning to think I might have to stand down as I feel I am not able to give the role the time it deserves atm. We'll see how things pan out in the New Year.
  • The BEST lady, Diana, is working hard with Ella. Not convinced we're getting far, but baby steps.
  • Bless Madam, she's had several fits over the past few weeks, Monday's one being quite bad so ended up in A&E. Tuesday woke up as if nothing had happened!
  • Joe has got his Food Hygiene Certificate, 99% go Joe! Public Liability, etc and started his market stall last week. Have to say he can really bake - not sure where he gets that skill from, must have skipped a generation :) We went down with him to support his first day. He's doing 3 days at Wimborne Market and on Monday's selling coffee and cakes at The Bell pub. He seems really positive about it all, and it's lovely to see him bounce back (do boys bounce back, maybe something more macho would be better?!) after the ignoramus of a Governor refused to extend the tag. And working for himself has got to be better in the long run. Have put off writing to the little man for a few weeks, until Joe's tag finishes as he sounds like the sort who would make life difficult for Joseph just because he can.
  • Been back to the cinema to see Breaking Dawn again ..... but it wasn't for me you understand, it was to keep Hev company ;)
  • Still waiting for that respite - You're not surprised?! Me neither.
  • But we have got Ella a second carer, which hopefully means that they'll be able to take her out and Jeff and I might get a few hours to be a married couple again - scarey thought! He's fab, the carer not Jeff obv, and Ella knows him from gym, and he is fully aware of her meltdowns from when he had to literally prise her hands from my hair once. Watch this space that it all works.
  • Still rehearsing. Have 4 Sunday's on the trot coming up. Now I'm loving it, but thinking that this may be a one-off on the pantomime front for me, as it's hard with everything else that goes on in our lives to commit to something like that. In fact I'm not committing 100% to it as I have 2 craft fairs booked the next 2 Sundays, which obv means income (hopefully!) so have to do it, but means that I'm not putting in the level of commitment I would like to be able to.
  • Took Ella to see Father Christmas at Oaktree Nursery in Bracknell - can't praise them highly enough, they were amazing with Ella and her needs :)
  • Madam had a major meltdown last week, bad enough that Jeff and I had to collect her, 5 minutes after Diana had left, go figure.
  • And this week we've had to put in a complaint to the school.
  • Still crafting for the craft fairs. Was initially just going to do this for Christmas, but thinking might book some for next year too.
  • Ella's now 14!
  • The party that had been booked was fab - check the link opposite for Little Woodpeckers and then go to 'Party - Girl' page. I was so chuffed, and the Mum's testimonial couldn't have been nicer :)
  • Christmas dec's are up - silver and blue this year. Does it suggest I have too many dec's when I can alternate the colour themes each year?!
  • Usual crapola of paperwork, housework, running the kids around, blah, blah, blah .......
  • Darling niece Rebecca visited :)
  • Joshua had football trials, and even he said he played really well - he is his worst critic - but hasn't heard anything, so he's a bit despondent :(
  • And that'll do as I still have more crapola to deal with - Legacy blog, business websites, Joe's appeal paperwork ........ At this rate I'll be back around Christmas LOL! xx