Friday, January 04, 2013

Crafting, bargains, shhhhh, but......

Life seems to be calming down. I know, I know, I shouldn't have said that. Too late. Thought it. Said it. And like fate ever waits for me to welcome him *rolls eyes*

Anyhow, current funk is behind me, no we have no respite, yes, Ella is still having truly awful days, yes Joe is still on tag, no Joshua hasn't been spotted  by a football scout yet, and yes we still have no money but the world didn't end in December, and we're still alive and pretty healthy so going with the positive atm.

Have submitted Legacy Stirs to Sparkling Books. But the biggest news about the book is that Mum read it, and actually liked it and the writing! I know, praise from my Mum is not something I get to blog about very much at all!
Had a lady come for a Reiki session the other day - was really intense, I was quite exhausted afterwards. She felt that she was being rocked, and that I was actually massaging her arms even though Reiki involves no physical contact. That made me feel really happy that she had had such a positive experience :)

Rehearsals are tiring. Five Sundays on the trot isn't great, but I am enjoying singing and being part of it. Def worth a visit if you fancy seeing a pantomime :)
Spotted these on ebay and 'won' them for only 99p each! I'm thinking, obviously redecorate them, and use them at Craft Fairs and Wedding/Spirit Mind Body exhibitions as notice boards But in decorating them I can make them stand out, not just look like every other notice board on the block :)
Also have finally started sorting out the downstairs cloakroom. Bought all the bits to renovate it last summer, but, well you know, life ....... Anyhow managed to get most on the cheap - of course - but couldn't find a mirror I liked that wasn't going to mean we couldn't eat for a week! So adapted the current one with some brown, green and cream paint and some crackle glaze. Joshua's verdict "Looks good cos I know you did it, but if you didn't know, it just looks old!" So I'm happy with that as that was the look I was aiming for!
Have been enjoying some musicals on the telly lately - anyone else NOT miss re-runs of Bond ...... says the individual who happily listened to the umpteenth rerun of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Calamity Jane. Speaking of musicals, looking forward to Les Miserables on the big screen, hope I'm not disappointed.
Books - started to read What the Nanny Saw by Fiona Neill, but couldn't get into it. As it's about a nanny I really thought I would. And have already bought the Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy, so really think I should give it another go.
Took Ella to watch Reading play West Ham, courtesy of Aiming High, and the group she was with were in the Guard of Honour when the teams came on, Jeff managed to get this clip ....

Have seen Daniel and Shona this week - Jeff's been helping Daniel with the car and I'm helping Shona to learn knitting - how stereotypical is that! And that'll do, quite a long one, and not a whinge in site! Laterz xx


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