Friday, January 25, 2013
Hi folks - panto time so busy as usual, album created on my facebook page if you're interested. Have enjoyed being on stage. Still not enjoyed all the Sundays. Oh well, only 2 shows left tomorrow then it's all over. What will I do with myself? Well. I am out Sunday with Ariane, Tuesday with Joy and Thursday governors - but can save all them for the next post.

So, Jeff brought Ella, Joy, Joshua and Ashton to see Rumplestiltskin on the opening night. Joy has now got the bug back - don't think it's catching - and I have a feeling will be at the next panto audition :) And Ashton had never seen an Am Dram panto before..... and loved it. Which of course she would, what's not to love? Women dressed as men. Men dressed as women. Children dressed as animals, fairies spiders. Silly jokes. Slapstick (I actually hate slap stick, always have!). Song and dance. Can you tell I love panto :) So good we have another convert in the family! Will have to work on Ricki, Kim, Daniel and Shona next year ;)

Ariane brought the girls, and think Emily might be a budding choreographer :)

And Mum and Aunty Jean came and blocked the high street up while they crawled into Uncle Johns car.

Martha is now 6, but thanks to the snow I couldn't get to her tea party :( And Dad, Sandra and Joe couldn't get up to the panto. I love the snow but it can be a pain in the proverbial ..... Did I spell that right? Loving this photo!

Jeff dyed my hair - £6 DIY bit cheaper than £45 and got to say liking the end result - actually feel younger, must be cos all the grey hairs have temporarily gone into hiding! I did make some comment when I put this photo on fb about feeling like an eighties throwback!
Thanks to a snow day Ella had a play date - she doesn't have many :( Benjamin made me laugh when he commented on how much Gracie talks, when you consider Ella takes after her Mum and suffers from verbal diarhorrea! Can just imagine the 2 of them on the school transport, bet the escort has ear plugs!

These came through the door the other morning, from our newest neighbours, thanking Benjamin for helping to clear the snow :) Isn't that lovely? Nothing like a RAK/ARK - depending on your preference ;)
Photo a day piccies I'll add next time :)

Haven't got a photo, but attended a baby shower and was the 'entertainment'. A few of the guests booked Indian Head Massages. It was a lovely evening and a fab idea. So if you can get half a dozen people together at your home to book massages (£15 each) as hostess you'll get one for free! I hear I'm quite good at them ;)

Not going to spoil this chilled post with a rant - will save that for Monday! But tune in next time (Soap anyone?) for a rant about respite and social services - fricking council tax - and Joe's CICA claim - how flaming expensive opticians are and anything else I can think of between now and then!

Laterz xxxx


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