Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New 'Do and The Hobbit

So last week I had a message from the lovely Dawn asking if I had been to see The Hobbit yet. Sadly the answer was no, because Ben went with his mates and he didn't want me hanging around - harsh, but fair. And Joy and Hev were going with their other halves. I however had no intention going with my other half as previous experience has shown that if he doesn't really want to go, he falls asleep. Now when cinema tickets cost around £11.00 for the big comfy (comfy - not a word I use often, but whenever I do all I can hear is Steve Martin's voice as the sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors! Of course, now I've shared that thought, you'll all have the same problem!) chairs I have an issue paying that for Jeff to nap - we have a perfectly good, albeit threadbare, settee for that. And I don't mind going on my own - been there and done that - but he does. Go figure, I've given up long ago trying to figure that one out - "Hey babe, don't go to the cinema on your own, I'll come with you." Followed by spending twice as much and 2 hours of snoring. I suppose the phrase 'Men!' covers this mentality ;)
Back to the film, and I get to go with Dawn. First time I've seen a 3D action movie, not bad. Loved it when it felt like birds and butterflies were flying towards you. Wouldn't have be so keen if it had been blood and limbs. So I did enjoy it, but I have now got the book down and given it a dusting to see just how much off story they went - quite a lot I think.
And today I got my hair cut. As I've got older I go less and less. Partly financial and partly making time. And then every now and then I wake up and think ...... hmmmmm ....... beginning to look like a bag lady. I trundled off to town and - apart from the expensive ones - couldn't find a reasonably priced one. So ended up round the corner. I have to say I am really pleased with the end result. Haven't lost much off the length but lots of layers to bring the natural curls back - and it has done that with a vengeance! Was going to have it coloured, but £45 to a semi permanent colour seemed damned expensive. And actually, now that it's been manhandled I don't think I'll worry at the moment.

Right, off to order a pink feather duster .........


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