Monday, January 07, 2013

Capture Your 365 Week 1

Lots of my scrapping friends over the years have taken part in taking a photo every day, but I've never felt I would have the time, or that my life would be varied enough LOL I have done a few specific albums 9 in 2009 meant 9 photos each month - I still love that album, it's probably on here somewhere if you hunt. Maybe I should set up a flickr account and put them all together in one place? And a few years ago I did like an intensive week, which again is a nice insight into a week in this madhouse. But this year I've decided to take the bullet and go for the photo a day.

I decided to go for this one ...... Capture Your 365 ...... but there's loads of inspiration out there if this one doesn't tick your box :) So you get a list for the month of daily prompts, but you don't have to stick with the regime - which is just as well, cos I've changed every one so far!

Here goes :)
1. A Doorway - so obviously our front door before the wreath and decorations come down.
2. Frozen - Jeff actually took this one outside our house
3. Hands - Love this of 3 of the boys with their arms and hands around each other :)

4. A Self Portrait - Again, Jeff playing with the camera, but you've got to admire the irony of a vegetarian being the one to strip the chicken to make stock!
5. Jumbled - Well, that's pretty much what this mess is - all just out of Ella's bedroom and waiting to be recycled; put in the charity bin; put in the garage for a car boot sale; and thrown! How can that much come out of the smallest bedroom in the house!
6. Circle - It hit me when I was tidying up the aftermath just how like a circle of life Ella's bedroom is. Every shelf, cupboard and item has memories of the people who gave them to her. One of her knitted toys was given to Joe when he was 5 weeks old and seriously ill by Ricki and Daniel. The books take me back to reading to them, and at the nursery. The new boots in the box remind me of the shop. So many memories, definitely a circle of life.
7. Peaceful - Does exactly what it says on the tin - although with a bit of poetic licence as this wasn't taken on the 7th, but as soon as I snapped it I knew it had to be for Peaceful.


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