Monday, January 28, 2013

So the panto is done and so am I! Absolutely knackered. On a positive I thought I had half of social services descending this afternoon, but it's next Monday. Which is just as well as the house looks like I've hardly done any housework the past week because I've been panto-ing ...... oh wait, I have!

Saturday baked about 70 cupcakes. Tried a new recipe - chocolate mayonnaise - really, really nice :) And 48 hours later they taste as nice as when they were first baked. I tweaked the recipe a bit but think it's going to be my go-to chocolate cake recipe.
Two shows and mad icing between the shows! Although slather icing instead of piped, which is what happens when you forget piping bags.

Sunday back down to Cordes Hall for after show clear up. Had to take Ella with me and she was a diamond ..... for 1.25 hours and then that was it,!
When we got back Ella needed to retreat, had lots going on the past few weeks. So we snuggled up on the settee with a blanket and ...........yes, you've guessed it, Twilight! Thank heavens there's 4 films to choose from. I could probably win Mastermind if the subject was the Films of The Twlight Saga LOL!
Then went to a Mind-Body-Spirit event up at the Hilton, wanted to see what it was like, thinking of exhibiting there. Was going to go with Ariane, but she was poorly :(

Roast dinner; homemade sugo; and chicken stock all made.

Post of fb this morning, worth sharing :) "Ways to gain brownie points - sending your once in a blue moon 'I love you' text message :) Giving me a Cath Kidston Christmas Journal.Ways to lose brownie points - suggest we go out for a meal for Valentines (first time in 18 years!!!) then when I say that'll be lovely, say great I'll let everyone know - 5 couples on a meal out is not a valentines date! And finally, finding a pair of joke pants someone at SMC bought you years ago and modelling them - never put my eyes through that again!"

Bit of chilling then better start on the housework :) Why on earth did I put a smilie there????


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