Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch up on crafting, renewing and bargains!

Just a mass of photos for you to smile at :) ....or not .... maybe instead think "Seriously Suzanne? You call that art?!"

My first attempt at giant tissue pompoms - which was much more successful than the wool and balloons! Still loving the paper baubles
My brag books are my most popular next to the beady things :) And in the corner the book that's a business card holder. Found the idea on Pinterest somewhere and thought it was a fab idea.
These are actually a few years old, and in desperate need of updating - although I thought they were lovely, hence taking so long to update!
And this is the replacement - I absolutely love it! Ended up a bit bigger than planned, two and a half feet tall, but the colours will go perfectly with the living room when it's redecorated. The quote says "Our family is a circle of faith, hope and love. With each birth and union the circle grows"
Always give the CP girls a little gift, this years is going to be hand knitted scarves
These are weekly money envelopes - if all goes according to plan it means Christmas money shouldn't be such a nightmare this coming Christmas!
I am loving making the sun catchers and key rings and bookmarks and .... well you get the picture. Also a few more started projects.
Actually made this ages ago and thought it should be on here :) Don't you know I love anything to do with angels!
All the knick-knacks from a car boot for a couple of pound. The white milk goblet in the background - 50p.
All of these from a car boot for £1.50, so many beads to make new things with - and some of the beads are gorgeous
Hurricane lamps, John Lewis, handmade, £5.00 for 3! Gotta love ebay! Birds were 50p and I sprayed them with cream Rustoleum. Plates charity shop, all vintage, £3.00 the lot. Glass cake stand £1.00 car boot.
Okay, not sure what I'm going to do with most of these cups, but some were just too nice, so had to go for a job lot, well, rude not to at only 99p! And 2 vintage cases, one is wooden - perfect for craft fairs.
3 little candle holders 99p at Bentalls, and the OXOX were only 25p each (reduced from £2.95) also at Bentalls. And I think they will look cute in the living room when redecorated, even if Jeff did think they stood for OXO! *rolls eyes* The cushion is a fab bargain - M & S in a charity shop for £3! And the amber glass bowl £2.00
I know they don't look like much, but by the time I've finished them I'm hoping they will be fab info boards :)
If you've got a wicked streak, there's some embarrassing new photos on THROWBACK THURSDAY!

In other news, Wednesday we went over to see Orla for tea and cake to celebrate her 4th birthday. Thursday had to take Ella to John Radcliffe Children's Hospital - her EEG is still weird (my words not the consultant's) but not as weird as it was! So looks like the Epilum is helping :) And Saturday night persuaded 9 of my friends to join me to raise some money for Martha at a quiz night. We all agreed it was a lovely evening, and I drank far too much Pernod, which I haven't done for years.

Enjoy :) xx

Virginia Waters

Jeff and I took Orla to Virginia Waters yesterday morning to feed the ducks :) Took me back to when I was young, we used to always go there with Mum and Dad. I was explaining to Jeff I think it was a throwback thing. Dad grew up in the mountains and Mum in Warfield, so getting out into space was important to them. The need for us to walk all the way around the lake every time we went was maybe a bit excessive!

So just a selection of the photos I took.........

Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo Post!

Just cos I'm feeling a bit lazy!

Ella went for a play date at Gracie's :) She had a lovely time, but it does make me sad, if it wasn't for Gracie, she would have no friends over/visit :(

One of Jeff, sadly not mixing plaster, or primer, or anything 'manly' but rather a cake LOL! But he is forgiven as he was helping the girls as they were having problems mixing.
We also have been to watch Joshua play football in Banbury! Trip to Ikea only to find out that the black/brown Billy bookcases they stock now are not the same as the ones we have. Grrrr, ebay here we come :) And we've been all over the place looking for wallpaper - you try, like looking for the proverbial needle!

And this was me yesterday thanks to Ella have a meltdown ......

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cinema and Decorating

Yesterday I attempted to take Ella to the cinema again. In the past we have never managed an entire film. Hence the reason I go for Kids Club, cos the tickets are cheap and I've probably seen it before! No point in spending a fortune or trying to see a new film! Taking Ella to the cinema takes some planning. Actually taking Ella anywhere needs some planning. No waking up and saying "Shall we go to the flicks today?" she wouldn't cope. Do I give her plenty of notice? Not if I can help it because all she will talk about is the event -again - and again - and again - till you wish you'd never mentioned it. But still has to be enough warning to let her get used to the idea otherwise between her anxieties and her autism we'd be on a hiding to nothing.  So I went prepared. Crisps and sweeties in my bag. As soon as we got the ticket I took her to the toilet and explained we wouldn't be back. One of her regular tricks. Then we went and purchased a drink and a hot dog. Two more regular excuses to get up. I did splurge an extra pound and paid for big comfy back row seats. Thus allowing her fidget room. We also had her blanket and her Baby Annabelle - which she has renamed Renesmee ..... I know, what a surprise! Going on a two-week holiday for the average family probably takes less planning. We get in and the film has just started - perfect, no sitting getting impatient. She slowly works her way through all the crisps and coke. Only a few mouthfuls of the hotdog, but if I hadn't bought it that would have caused an issue in itself. A few sweets nibbled, then decided she didn't like them, after her choosing them herself the day before. Go figure. Then the fidgeting started. I gave her the usual lecture about staying till the end. Normally at this point she would start escalating and we would have to leave. This time I lifted the arm rest and she snuggled up and fell asleep! LMAO! Oh well, whatever it takes to try and break her habits/routines/idiosyncrasies/PITA behaviour!

And in the afternoon started the redecoration of the front room - I am loving being a SAHM at the moment! Small peep - bearing in mind we're doing this on a budget there's going to be a lot of painting involved! We tried several paints, and I still hate Crown, wishy washy stuff. I stuck several different samples of wallpaper onto the wall to see which one we liked. This is the only one that stayed up so think it was trying to tell us something! The green is a little too dark, so need to try again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lookout, Mill Pond and Troll Beads!

One of the labels on this post today is 'thankfulness'. The past few days have been lovely and chilled. Even yesterday when Ella started winding up and I was trying to calm her whilst keeping her at arms length (regular viewers will understand *rolls eyes*) she never went over the top of no return. She did come close. But didn't and you can't imagine - or maybe you can - how wonderful that felt. And our daily DVD has had a break, so this week we're watching Harry Potter! Much as I love the Twilight series, it is bloody nice to watch something different!

So, Monday met up with Beth and Hilary and their children and we went to The Lookout. I often go up there, or Crowthorne Woods, or Caesars Camp. Just enjoy being outdoors :) But I tend to avoid school holidays - turns out that's a wise choice, it was swamped with Mums and children. Twenty minutes alone to find a parking space. But nevertheless, once parked a lovely couple of hours was spent in the woods :)

Tuesday we took Ella to Mill Pond, via the cafe! She's much more pliant when she's eaten LOL And I can't believe Jeff came, knowing how much he hates just walking! But he did, which was just as well, as Ella was definitely having an anxiety-ridden day and wouldn't let go of him :( Aren't the photos beautiful? Sometimes I amaze myself when I point and snap and get a picture a professional would be proud of! Doesn't happen very often of course ;)
Today she is in a much better frame of mind, once she went to sleep, and despite deciding last nights sleep should end at 5 this morning! YAWN! Mum's been over to get her nails done - I agree to do her finger nails. Will not touch her feet, there's a reason I don't want to learn reflexology - bleurgh! Helped Josh with 'stuff'. Finished the art work I mentioned the other day, and I love it! Can't share it yet ...... will be worth the wait, promise. And also squeezed in some shopping. Boring old Morrisons, but we have just completed the 3 weeks, £35 a week spend, and now have a £10 voucher towards next week :) And £29 worth of stamps towards Christmas, amazing how quickly buying a couple a week mount up - so Christmas food will be sorted. Oh and February envelopes now done, which means we now have, wow,  £432 saved towards Christmas! Which with the 6 kids and 3 DIL's is a good start!

And then we went to get our God-daughter a birthday present. When she was baptised we decided to get her a troll bracelet with a cross on it. Each year since we have added a bead to it. Patrick and Angela are keeping it safe for when she's older - much older - and will, hopefully, appreciate it. Bummer if she thinks it's naff! LMAO!
Monday, February 18, 2013

Pope, Lent, Valentines and the other stuff inbetween!

Let's do the nice 'non-contentious' stuff first. Had a lovely Valentines Day - Jeff is definitely having a mid-life crisis - flowers, card and a meal (although the meal was at home, cos you know, well, Ella *sigh* - but hey, we had the whole meal without interruptions. I wonder if he slipped something into her bedtime drink??) He's changed so much I keep expecting him to come home and announce he's bought a motorbike LOL!
Was supposed to have a post-panto get together with the king and guards on the Sunday but Ella had a fit at school on the Friday and put her out-of-sorts for the weekend. I did initially plan to leave her with Ben with her Aunty Joy and Aunty Lyn at the end of the phone in case of a repeat. But she was so clingy it didn't seem right to leave her so I could have a jolly. So instead we had our own little tea party in the living room and watched...oh heck, I really don't need to tell you what we watched do I? All I can say is thank heavens for knitting, the laptop, reading, and anything else I can do at the same time. Doesn't it look tempting?
No photo, but this Sunday met up with Brent to talk about Wind in the Willows - next pantomime, which he's directing and has kindly let me be PA :) Last time I did that role was for Oh What a Lovely War!, so it's like learning what to do all over again! But he has some fab ideas and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Oh, and he made a mean pesto pasta too!

Went to MJ's crop on Saturday, reckon it's last summer since I last had a free day to go and enjoy a bit of crafting. Started a lot of projects but wanted to finish them at home with the right bits and pieces. And the big board at the back? Well, that's a project that I'm taking part in, all I can tell you is we had to pick a number between 1 and 52 and I choose 9. And got to say, loving what I'm creating :)
Brag for my boy :) Even the write up by the other team manager was really complimentary :) We're now about to send out letters to loads - and I mean - loads - of teams to see if he can get a trial anywhere.
Couple more governors meetings. Little RAK for one of the DIL's :) And I think that's the end of the 'fun' stuff.
So, Lent. For many years I used to do the no chocolate - no cakes - no biscuits - no swearing ...... now that last one was bloody difficult ;) And then I had a chat with one of the most religious people I have ever met, his name was Father John, and he got me to take a new view on Lent. Yes, we are acknowledging Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness, but by cutting out something from our lives the individual is the only one to 'benefit'. So for the last 10 years or so I have tried to add value (sound just like a teacher!) to something. This year I have chosen my role as Vice-Chair governor. And I know I put in a lot of hours, but it's sporadic, like as and when needed. But I'm going to try and do a bit every day. So far so good.

And lastly, Pope Benedict resigning. I voiced my feelings on facebook. I think Pope John Paul II was inspirational, he really tried to bring the Catholic faith into the 20th century, albeit kicking and screaming. And the current Pope, well, he hasn't, in fact he seems to have put us back 100 years. The Catholic faith will not survive purely on the number of new priests entering the seminaries. And priests not marrying is nothing to do with the faith and all to do with the Vatican. And allowing C of E married vicars to come over to the dark side but still not let our priests marry. And divorce? And contraception? And gay rights? I would love to think that a new Pope will make all the difference, but honestly?....... Anyhow, saw this on good old fb the other day, made me smile :)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Les Mis, Windsor, Decorating, you get the picture!

Let me see, you'll never guess what I've been, yep, busy! I started with a trip to the cinema with Joy to see Les Miserables and ensured I brought copious amounts of tissues  for the tears and ear plugs for possible bad singing. Glad to report no bad singing, and not too much use of the tissues! Possibly the quiet, refined clapping at the end was too much?
Have finally spent some time with Jeanette, and caught up on gossip and germs :(

Ear candling session for Steven - he said his hearing improved straight away - go me! And as he's Ella's Godfather I obviously took advantage of the photo op!
Several governor meetings sorting out this blessed Admissions Policy. Remind me why I give so many hours to a school none of my kids have been in for 7 years? No idea? Me neither, and yet I continue!

Jeff, Ella and I went to Windsor for the day on Sunday. Mega reminiscing in what used to be the bus station, spent 7 years of my life in that place. The walls I used to sit on are still there, but that's about the only part that looks the same. There again was over 30 years ago - eek! - so I suppose time moves on.
Finished decorating the downstairs cloakroom, and got to say, doesn't it look fab?! The next room should be the boys bathroom, but think we will need to invest in nuclear fallout clothing before we dare enter the area!

Have lost my diary so can't remember what else! Oh yes, big planning meeting for Ella, went better than I was expecting, but ended with usual planning and not a lot else!

Oh Jeff bought me these roses and this Cath Kidston Christmas journal, he's obviously buttering me up for something LOL

I had decided to do the saving money over 52 weeks for next Christmas, but save in reverse. So far, so good, all January's envelopes completed :) But of course, rather than just having envelopes, I had to decorate the envelopes!
Fireplace decorated for Valentines :)
Been knitting scarves and babies blankets.
Trying to sort out where to put my daily photos, hopefully will sort out before the next post.