Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch up on crafting, renewing and bargains!

Just a mass of photos for you to smile at :) ....or not .... maybe instead think "Seriously Suzanne? You call that art?!"

My first attempt at giant tissue pompoms - which was much more successful than the wool and balloons! Still loving the paper baubles
My brag books are my most popular next to the beady things :) And in the corner the book that's a business card holder. Found the idea on Pinterest somewhere and thought it was a fab idea.
These are actually a few years old, and in desperate need of updating - although I thought they were lovely, hence taking so long to update!
And this is the replacement - I absolutely love it! Ended up a bit bigger than planned, two and a half feet tall, but the colours will go perfectly with the living room when it's redecorated. The quote says "Our family is a circle of faith, hope and love. With each birth and union the circle grows"
Always give the CP girls a little gift, this years is going to be hand knitted scarves
These are weekly money envelopes - if all goes according to plan it means Christmas money shouldn't be such a nightmare this coming Christmas!
I am loving making the sun catchers and key rings and bookmarks and .... well you get the picture. Also a few more started projects.
Actually made this ages ago and thought it should be on here :) Don't you know I love anything to do with angels!
All the knick-knacks from a car boot for a couple of pound. The white milk goblet in the background - 50p.
All of these from a car boot for £1.50, so many beads to make new things with - and some of the beads are gorgeous
Hurricane lamps, John Lewis, handmade, £5.00 for 3! Gotta love ebay! Birds were 50p and I sprayed them with cream Rustoleum. Plates charity shop, all vintage, £3.00 the lot. Glass cake stand £1.00 car boot.
Okay, not sure what I'm going to do with most of these cups, but some were just too nice, so had to go for a job lot, well, rude not to at only 99p! And 2 vintage cases, one is wooden - perfect for craft fairs.
3 little candle holders 99p at Bentalls, and the OXOX were only 25p each (reduced from £2.95) also at Bentalls. And I think they will look cute in the living room when redecorated, even if Jeff did think they stood for OXO! *rolls eyes* The cushion is a fab bargain - M & S in a charity shop for £3! And the amber glass bowl £2.00
I know they don't look like much, but by the time I've finished them I'm hoping they will be fab info boards :)
If you've got a wicked streak, there's some embarrassing new photos on THROWBACK THURSDAY!

In other news, Wednesday we went over to see Orla for tea and cake to celebrate her 4th birthday. Thursday had to take Ella to John Radcliffe Children's Hospital - her EEG is still weird (my words not the consultant's) but not as weird as it was! So looks like the Epilum is helping :) And Saturday night persuaded 9 of my friends to join me to raise some money for Martha at a quiz night. We all agreed it was a lovely evening, and I drank far too much Pernod, which I haven't done for years.

Enjoy :) xx


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