Friday, February 22, 2013

Cinema and Decorating

Yesterday I attempted to take Ella to the cinema again. In the past we have never managed an entire film. Hence the reason I go for Kids Club, cos the tickets are cheap and I've probably seen it before! No point in spending a fortune or trying to see a new film! Taking Ella to the cinema takes some planning. Actually taking Ella anywhere needs some planning. No waking up and saying "Shall we go to the flicks today?" she wouldn't cope. Do I give her plenty of notice? Not if I can help it because all she will talk about is the event -again - and again - and again - till you wish you'd never mentioned it. But still has to be enough warning to let her get used to the idea otherwise between her anxieties and her autism we'd be on a hiding to nothing.  So I went prepared. Crisps and sweeties in my bag. As soon as we got the ticket I took her to the toilet and explained we wouldn't be back. One of her regular tricks. Then we went and purchased a drink and a hot dog. Two more regular excuses to get up. I did splurge an extra pound and paid for big comfy back row seats. Thus allowing her fidget room. We also had her blanket and her Baby Annabelle - which she has renamed Renesmee ..... I know, what a surprise! Going on a two-week holiday for the average family probably takes less planning. We get in and the film has just started - perfect, no sitting getting impatient. She slowly works her way through all the crisps and coke. Only a few mouthfuls of the hotdog, but if I hadn't bought it that would have caused an issue in itself. A few sweets nibbled, then decided she didn't like them, after her choosing them herself the day before. Go figure. Then the fidgeting started. I gave her the usual lecture about staying till the end. Normally at this point she would start escalating and we would have to leave. This time I lifted the arm rest and she snuggled up and fell asleep! LMAO! Oh well, whatever it takes to try and break her habits/routines/idiosyncrasies/PITA behaviour!

And in the afternoon started the redecoration of the front room - I am loving being a SAHM at the moment! Small peep - bearing in mind we're doing this on a budget there's going to be a lot of painting involved! We tried several paints, and I still hate Crown, wishy washy stuff. I stuck several different samples of wallpaper onto the wall to see which one we liked. This is the only one that stayed up so think it was trying to tell us something! The green is a little too dark, so need to try again.


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