Saturday, February 09, 2013

Les Mis, Windsor, Decorating, you get the picture!

Let me see, you'll never guess what I've been, yep, busy! I started with a trip to the cinema with Joy to see Les Miserables and ensured I brought copious amounts of tissues  for the tears and ear plugs for possible bad singing. Glad to report no bad singing, and not too much use of the tissues! Possibly the quiet, refined clapping at the end was too much?
Have finally spent some time with Jeanette, and caught up on gossip and germs :(

Ear candling session for Steven - he said his hearing improved straight away - go me! And as he's Ella's Godfather I obviously took advantage of the photo op!
Several governor meetings sorting out this blessed Admissions Policy. Remind me why I give so many hours to a school none of my kids have been in for 7 years? No idea? Me neither, and yet I continue!

Jeff, Ella and I went to Windsor for the day on Sunday. Mega reminiscing in what used to be the bus station, spent 7 years of my life in that place. The walls I used to sit on are still there, but that's about the only part that looks the same. There again was over 30 years ago - eek! - so I suppose time moves on.
Finished decorating the downstairs cloakroom, and got to say, doesn't it look fab?! The next room should be the boys bathroom, but think we will need to invest in nuclear fallout clothing before we dare enter the area!

Have lost my diary so can't remember what else! Oh yes, big planning meeting for Ella, went better than I was expecting, but ended with usual planning and not a lot else!

Oh Jeff bought me these roses and this Cath Kidston Christmas journal, he's obviously buttering me up for something LOL

I had decided to do the saving money over 52 weeks for next Christmas, but save in reverse. So far, so good, all January's envelopes completed :) But of course, rather than just having envelopes, I had to decorate the envelopes!
Fireplace decorated for Valentines :)
Been knitting scarves and babies blankets.
Trying to sort out where to put my daily photos, hopefully will sort out before the next post.


  1. come decorate my dump please- yours looks gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you Sue - but the photos are only of the rooms worth photographing LOL xx


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