Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lookout, Mill Pond and Troll Beads!

One of the labels on this post today is 'thankfulness'. The past few days have been lovely and chilled. Even yesterday when Ella started winding up and I was trying to calm her whilst keeping her at arms length (regular viewers will understand *rolls eyes*) she never went over the top of no return. She did come close. But didn't and you can't imagine - or maybe you can - how wonderful that felt. And our daily DVD has had a break, so this week we're watching Harry Potter! Much as I love the Twilight series, it is bloody nice to watch something different!

So, Monday met up with Beth and Hilary and their children and we went to The Lookout. I often go up there, or Crowthorne Woods, or Caesars Camp. Just enjoy being outdoors :) But I tend to avoid school holidays - turns out that's a wise choice, it was swamped with Mums and children. Twenty minutes alone to find a parking space. But nevertheless, once parked a lovely couple of hours was spent in the woods :)

Tuesday we took Ella to Mill Pond, via the cafe! She's much more pliant when she's eaten LOL And I can't believe Jeff came, knowing how much he hates just walking! But he did, which was just as well, as Ella was definitely having an anxiety-ridden day and wouldn't let go of him :( Aren't the photos beautiful? Sometimes I amaze myself when I point and snap and get a picture a professional would be proud of! Doesn't happen very often of course ;)
Today she is in a much better frame of mind, once she went to sleep, and despite deciding last nights sleep should end at 5 this morning! YAWN! Mum's been over to get her nails done - I agree to do her finger nails. Will not touch her feet, there's a reason I don't want to learn reflexology - bleurgh! Helped Josh with 'stuff'. Finished the art work I mentioned the other day, and I love it! Can't share it yet ...... will be worth the wait, promise. And also squeezed in some shopping. Boring old Morrisons, but we have just completed the 3 weeks, £35 a week spend, and now have a £10 voucher towards next week :) And £29 worth of stamps towards Christmas, amazing how quickly buying a couple a week mount up - so Christmas food will be sorted. Oh and February envelopes now done, which means we now have, wow,  £432 saved towards Christmas! Which with the 6 kids and 3 DIL's is a good start!

And then we went to get our God-daughter a birthday present. When she was baptised we decided to get her a troll bracelet with a cross on it. Each year since we have added a bead to it. Patrick and Angela are keeping it safe for when she's older - much older - and will, hopefully, appreciate it. Bummer if she thinks it's naff! LMAO!


  1. Yes darling, I do read these blogs, and I do enjoy them even if they are only a reminder of what we have done recently xxx


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