Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo Post!

Just cos I'm feeling a bit lazy!

Ella went for a play date at Gracie's :) She had a lovely time, but it does make me sad, if it wasn't for Gracie, she would have no friends over/visit :(

One of Jeff, sadly not mixing plaster, or primer, or anything 'manly' but rather a cake LOL! But he is forgiven as he was helping the girls as they were having problems mixing.
We also have been to watch Joshua play football in Banbury! Trip to Ikea only to find out that the black/brown Billy bookcases they stock now are not the same as the ones we have. Grrrr, ebay here we come :) And we've been all over the place looking for wallpaper - you try, like looking for the proverbial needle!

And this was me yesterday thanks to Ella have a meltdown ......


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