Monday, February 18, 2013

Pope, Lent, Valentines and the other stuff inbetween!

Let's do the nice 'non-contentious' stuff first. Had a lovely Valentines Day - Jeff is definitely having a mid-life crisis - flowers, card and a meal (although the meal was at home, cos you know, well, Ella *sigh* - but hey, we had the whole meal without interruptions. I wonder if he slipped something into her bedtime drink??) He's changed so much I keep expecting him to come home and announce he's bought a motorbike LOL!
Was supposed to have a post-panto get together with the king and guards on the Sunday but Ella had a fit at school on the Friday and put her out-of-sorts for the weekend. I did initially plan to leave her with Ben with her Aunty Joy and Aunty Lyn at the end of the phone in case of a repeat. But she was so clingy it didn't seem right to leave her so I could have a jolly. So instead we had our own little tea party in the living room and watched...oh heck, I really don't need to tell you what we watched do I? All I can say is thank heavens for knitting, the laptop, reading, and anything else I can do at the same time. Doesn't it look tempting?
No photo, but this Sunday met up with Brent to talk about Wind in the Willows - next pantomime, which he's directing and has kindly let me be PA :) Last time I did that role was for Oh What a Lovely War!, so it's like learning what to do all over again! But he has some fab ideas and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Oh, and he made a mean pesto pasta too!

Went to MJ's crop on Saturday, reckon it's last summer since I last had a free day to go and enjoy a bit of crafting. Started a lot of projects but wanted to finish them at home with the right bits and pieces. And the big board at the back? Well, that's a project that I'm taking part in, all I can tell you is we had to pick a number between 1 and 52 and I choose 9. And got to say, loving what I'm creating :)
Brag for my boy :) Even the write up by the other team manager was really complimentary :) We're now about to send out letters to loads - and I mean - loads - of teams to see if he can get a trial anywhere.
Couple more governors meetings. Little RAK for one of the DIL's :) And I think that's the end of the 'fun' stuff.
So, Lent. For many years I used to do the no chocolate - no cakes - no biscuits - no swearing ...... now that last one was bloody difficult ;) And then I had a chat with one of the most religious people I have ever met, his name was Father John, and he got me to take a new view on Lent. Yes, we are acknowledging Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness, but by cutting out something from our lives the individual is the only one to 'benefit'. So for the last 10 years or so I have tried to add value (sound just like a teacher!) to something. This year I have chosen my role as Vice-Chair governor. And I know I put in a lot of hours, but it's sporadic, like as and when needed. But I'm going to try and do a bit every day. So far so good.

And lastly, Pope Benedict resigning. I voiced my feelings on facebook. I think Pope John Paul II was inspirational, he really tried to bring the Catholic faith into the 20th century, albeit kicking and screaming. And the current Pope, well, he hasn't, in fact he seems to have put us back 100 years. The Catholic faith will not survive purely on the number of new priests entering the seminaries. And priests not marrying is nothing to do with the faith and all to do with the Vatican. And allowing C of E married vicars to come over to the dark side but still not let our priests marry. And divorce? And contraception? And gay rights? I would love to think that a new Pope will make all the difference, but honestly?....... Anyhow, saw this on good old fb the other day, made me smile :)


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