Sunday, March 24, 2013

Angel Cards

Just a quick post as this afternoon I want to make a card to enter a wee challenge - not a 'wee' challenge ;). And sort out my blog, and my business websites, and the book, as tomorrow I want to finish book two :)

Feeling very calm and meditative lately, very tune with the world around me. Not working and having the time to create and relax is definitely doing me the world of good. Do I feel guilty? Not a bit of it, I worked up to delivering Joshua and Benjamin - and until I was hospitalised with Joseph. And went back to work within weeks with all 3. Even when Racal sent Jeff off to Germany for a month when I had a 3yo, a 2yo and a 1 month baby! I owe Lynn with health and sanity for supporting me during that. I digress, no, I don't feel guilty, and I already have loads of 'stuff' going on in my head so will soon be back up to full speed no doubt :)

Did you know I like Angel Cards and do readings? I like that every message is affirming. Anyhow, haven't had a chance to sit and use them for a while, I have to be in the right mindset. Last night I was. And these are the 2 cards I pulled out of the packs :)
Archangel Ariel looks after healers, teachers and careers - so hardly surprising I picked this  - and it has helped me with decisions floating in my head.
This card is all about God and the Angels supporting and being present - and I have so felt that for weeks :)

On that note I'll leave you thinking 'wow!' or 'yep, just confirmed my suspicions that the girl is a sandwich short of a picnic' xx


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