Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Decorating Done!

Well, the living room anyway. Think we'll have a few weeks break before we attack - and yes, attack seems apt for it - the boys bathroom.

I am absolutely so thrilled with the end result I just keep standing in the middle of the room and staring at it. I know, sad. I get now why Jeff was so anal about every little lump, bump and wire. I wasn't at the time mind, the air has been quite blue in this house the past couple of weeks!

The low down then. The Ikea units were about 15 years old but are solid wood and I couldn't warrant getting rid of them. So much to Jeff's disapproval he agreed to paint them. I have to plug Zinsser and Valspaar again - brilliant paints, worth every penny. Oh, so pennies, the paint cost £47 and £42 respectively. I also decided new knobs would really give it some extra wow, so bought the 16 knobs off ebay for a total of £55. Expensive, but so worth it. So to change all the units from old to 'new' cost £144. Would probably have cost more to buy just one new one! It wasn't easy, we took every shelf, panel and back apart and had to undercoat and topcoat every piece then rebuild flat pack furniture - I mean, come on, it's bad enough building flat pack once - what on earth possessed us to do it twice! But worth the extra time :) I just love them!
Jeff working on the units - day one sun - every other day rain!
living room before
wooden rectangular knobs before. Pink crackle glazed knobs on drawers now and clock faces on cupboards

We were spoiled with the 'new' sitting room suite. Our poor old chairs had seen better days but again, finances what they are, they'd been covered for the past few years in throws! But then about 6 weeks ago we get a call from Sandra asking if we'd like their leather suite as they were buying a new one! Well hell yeah! Actually, as a vegetarian I would never have chosen to buy a leather suite, but as it was free I wasn't going to say no. So the cost was £60 - the hire charge for a van to collect it from dads.

The light I've already mentioned, a fiver on eBay. As you know it really doesn't bother me it's second hand. It's from BHS, in perfect condition and works!
The wallpaper - have you seen the cost of wallpaper lately. At one point we were seriously considering buying white lining paper and me stencilling/stamping all over it! Anyhow, we found this paper, it's supposed to be for a girls bedroom, but I think it's perfect. It would be a bit much on the big wall if it was all visible, but with the units etc in front it takes the OTT impact away. We've also papered a couple of the backs of the units - just because I wanted to! I think it looks better, allows for a little more sight of the paper, and means if we ever move the units (highly unlikely) then the theme will continue across the room :) Total £55 including wallpaper paste.

The cushions - 7 in total - were from ebay, charity shops and sales - total £43. Not bad when one is an M&S one and would have cost around £25 new!

The 6 balls of wool and the throw you can see in the unit comes to £45, but I plan to knit at least 4 throws in coordinating colours so will be good value in the long run :)
The wall art - well I made that with old craft stuff, and wood Jeff had in the garage. Cost zero. As did the paint to repaint our wedding photo. The fireplace is the same, repainted as is the mirror.
The words were expensive - £16 - but if you asked me to give my all time phrase it would be this one. And Jeff didn't mind. Think it looks perfect.
So all in all spent about £400 and virtually everything has changed bar the curtains - now that's what I call cool! And I think it's a hit with Ella :)


  1. Yes we did, didn't we ;)

  2. 16 knobs for £55 pahaha!

  3. LOL Lou - I didn't see that one coming! Must be getting innocent in my mid-life ;)


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