Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ella's School Play!

One of the most enjoyable part of children is watching their school plays. And one of the advantages of having a large brood is just how many I've been able to see. Some of my most memorable include
  • Ben and his then best friends Mikey and James as shepherds
  • Joy and me dividing the children into 2 singing groups and getting the carols just right
  • One of our nephews wearing a lamb costume and falling asleep on the stage throughout the nativity
  • Joe in year 6 playing the part of Bottom in A Midsummer Nights Dream - it was universally agreed he was amazing!
The sad part is always once they go to secondary school they stop doing them, unless they take drama, which despite my best pushing none of ours ever did. However, SN secondary schools have a totally different outlook and productions continue. And every single show leaves me so overwhelmed. I really can't put into words exactly how I feel. To see children with so many complex needs taking part in a show. Not one child is left out. The care and dedication the staff obviously give to the children is humbling. To see children that can't communicate verbally and appear on the outside to be not aware of their surroundings dancing and laughing brings a smile and a warm feeling. Gosh, I'm going all gushy, better stop that smartish!

This year was a trip through London Underground. Ella's class stopped at Baker Street - which lead to a short sketch about Sherlock Holmes. Doesn't she look adorable? And she had lines! Okay, so it was "Fresh bread! Buy my bread!" But she said them loud and clear and looked so proud of herself - almost as proud as her Mum and Dad watching :)


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