Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Happy Snappy, Ella and Decorating!

And this post does exactly what it says on the tin - sorry, the header ;)

This wall art actually came about when a scrapping friend asked to volunteers to pick a number from 1 to 52 and create something - anything - around that number. I was initially going to choose 13, seeing as how I was due on the 13th, was 13 days late ( I know, I started as I meant to continue ;) ) and the year is 2013. But while I procrastinated, like I have been known to do, someone beat me to it. In my defence the delay was debating whether I could produce anything good enough to go on someone else's blog. Once I had overcome that I chose number 9. As you know family is my life, and so decided to honour the continued growing of it. The canvases I had made years ago were definitely past their sell by date. The colour scheme is the colours that we're decorating the living room atm.On the picture we have step-sons, birth sons, adopted daughter, and future DIL's. The words say "Our family is a circle of faith, hope and love. With each birth and union the circle grows." Words seemed perfect. Linky here to Paula's blog  ...... thank you so much for letting me take part Paula :)
Couple more piccies ..... Ella drew this yesterday, and I am so proud of her :)
And finally, Jeff is having to use holiday, so I thought it would be a bloody good idea to turn the house upside down yet again and decorate the living room! Thing is, money is tight with me not working, so we're reusing as much as possible. These are just two units we have in the living room atm. Bought them from Ikea about 15 years ago and they are solid pine. Having stared at them nearly every day for 15 years a change was in order. However, in all honesty, there's nothing wrong with them, so we've decided to repaint them. We've taken them apart and Jeff then sprayed Zinsser (the best primer ever!!!) onto the units. You can brush it on, but as Jeff has a spray gun, seemed silly not to use it. Then we're painting them green using Valspaar paint from B & Q. Slightly more expensive but knocks the socks of the two main rivals. Keep watching for updates :) I'm on a mission to get it done in 4 days - better get off the computer then! Laterz xx


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