Friday, March 22, 2013

In Other News

Believe it or not, I have had a life in between the decorating :) So, photo post coming up ......
Managed to get to MJ's all day crop - although had to go at 5 as I was in agony with my back :(

Have finally got round to thinking about what to do with the photo-a-day I've been doing, so here's the front cover to my version of Project Life (my version cos I'm using all old stash!)

Dad and Sandra came up Sunday morning for breakfast :)

Mum brought Aunty Jean and my beautiful niece over for a cuppa and a catch-up
Have had visits from some of the most crazy people in my life, Dawn and Anna, you know you are :)

Also did an Indian Head Massage party for 6 ladies - great way to get your friends together and have a treatment in the process!

Laterz xx


  1. That 0 in the second picture, I'm not sure you know!


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