Monday, March 11, 2013

Still decorating.....

Enough said. I know when it's all done I shall be pleased that Jeff insists on doing it all properly, right now though I am so not there!

Just one sneak preview thanks to Zinsser, Valspaar, 15 year old Ikea units and a £2.50 fireplace!

And a special thanks to the weather men who said we'd have 3 nice days last week, that turned into just one, and turned my living room into a decorators nightmare!
In other news saw Josh play football Saturday - Mum over for lunch Sunday as it was Mother's Day - Mireille came round for herbal tea and governor chat - and an extra nice surprise of Robert, Jane and family coming over :)

Oh - and in my hands - and sadly will stay in the packet for a couple more days .....

Byeeee - hopefully next time will be showing off the bloody end result of the decorating!


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