Saturday, March 09, 2013

That point when you wish you hadn't started something

Well that'd be roughly where we are now. You literally cannot move in the house for piles of, for want of a better word, cr*p! So if Jeff catches me on here instead of decorating .... so another photo post as a picture says a thousand words!

Just wondering. If during decorating counting to ten doesn't relieve the tension, is matricide an acceptable alternate ;)

And when I asked Ben to fetch Dad's mug, Ben walking into the kitchen and picking me up is not what I meant!

Lovely evening with Liz and a bottle of rose :)
Governor stuff every day this week - so honouring my pledge for Lent.
Ella's social worker visited.
Diana, BEST lady, visited.

Laterz xx
Ikea packaging - before
Ikea packaging - after, for Ella's toys
New BHS lights for living room - ebay £5.00 - who cares they're not new!

Just started emptying the units -complete chaos
Chaos still abounds, but there's a few sneak peaks of progress :)


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