Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chit Chat

Oh I haven't got anything special to call this post, it's just a quick infill between waiting for Mum to give her a manicure, looking after Madam, getting ready for Joshua's football game, doing some crafting for the next craft fair, and sorting out the study - yep that's the next one on the list! On a positive it doesn't need decorating, just seriously sorting. It's become a bit of a dumping ground as we've sorted the other rooms!

Jeff feels I'm a bit zealous with the house atm, so much so that he advises visitors not to stand still for too long for fear of me altering them LOL The other day there was an advert on the telly and Jeff shouted to Joshua "Don't let your Mum see that advert!" It was the Cuprinol advert on decorating the garden furniture - too late Jeff, way ahead of you LOL

So ultra busy, but looky at the picture :) Not sure how that happened, but ultra nice all the same :)
Have taken some super photos of Joshua - sharing tomorrow :) xx


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