Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And finally! Z is for

Zany - the antics of the boys. The top photo is all 5 in a recording studio at Butlins miming to Mambo Number 5 - makes me smile every time I watch it :)

Zzzz - just love this photo of Jeff with Joseph, Joshua and Benjamin crashed out in Italy!

Zzzz - for me too after successfully completing the April A to Z challenge :) Normal service will now be resumed!

Y is for

Y - as in 'Why' - so that's either clever on my part or cheating! You decide :)

Why is life so hard?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do good things happen to bad people?
Why are we so intolerant?
Why do we worship false Gods?

Why don't we appreciate the beauty of nature?
Why don't we stop and just be?
Why don't we stop moaning and start appreciating?
Why don't we embrace difference?
Why don't we just be grateful for life?

Just a 30 second poem :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Final Sunday Challenge Catch-Up

What have I not got photos of?
  • Went to lunch Monday with Ariane. Just a simple Starbucks, but that was lovely cos we hardly ever get together just the two of us :)
  • Blood test results were better than I thought. Need to lose my second 10lbs by the time I go back for a repeat test in 3 months. Less than a 1lb a week, I can do that right?
  • Went on an informal visit to a school, have handed C.V. in, hope I get as far as an interview, we'll see
  • Went round Anna's for a cuppa, and she is such a bad influence ended up at The Range and Hobbycraft ;)
  • Did a car boot and cleared £100 - and cleared a space in the garage. To quote Ben "Look, you can see the garage back door!" LOL
  • Trying to catch up with some governor stuff - I really did keep my Lenten promise, but it's slipped since then.
  • Went to a quiz night at SMC with Mike and Ariane.... and we won! Pretty sure that was down to all the others in our group, definitely not thanks to my lack of grey matter.
The rest can be explained in photos and here they are ........

New haircut, which Jeffers doesn't like, he says it's too fluffy and too short - I say it's tough ;)
Joshua football injury. Fella was lucky not to get a red card - looks even worse now the bruises are coming out
Joe playing - so nice to see, he hasn't been in a proper team for 5 years
Ben warming up - did take a couple of action shots, but it was getting dusk and they turned out cr*p!
3 generations working hard on a Sunday afternoon, while I stroll around taking photos - perfect ;)
Love these informal snaps of Joshua and Ashton
Joshua enjoys training Ben - although I'm not sure what move he's going for in the main photo!
End of April and so much hail it looks like it had snowed!
Just because I thought this looked stunning - gotta love nature :)

This photo doesn't do the coat justice. It's more of a fuchsia, and it's woollen. On the charity sale rail for one whole pound - thank you very much ;)
Bought this for 50p at Wimbourne market, with plans to cut it up and use the material for another project. Sandra has banned me from cutting it, instead I have to get my weight down enough to wear it!
Again, 50p at Wimbourne market for cutting up. Then Sandra notices the label is a Guess label and has banned me from cutting this one up too!
Scarf I knitted for aunty Jean; and another knitted throw for the living room :)

And finally, this song is the newest addition to my favourites :)

Oh, and really finally, the new Evian advert here is just adorable :)
Sunday, April 28, 2013

X is for

X-ray - okay, it's a stretch, but it's the best I can do. So x-ray - hospital - my time working on the children's ward at the local hospital. I have very many happy times of the years I worked there. The very top photo is me with PJ the DJ who did the hospital radio, lovely fella, sometimes bump into his lovely wife around town. The other photo was me soaking Dr Chris Strang on his last day. He could be such an arse, and I had a bit of a crush on him, is soaking someone with a hose the best way to show it? ;) What the photo doesn't show is him grabbing the hose and returning the favour :)

Oh and of course xxxx
Laterz xx

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for


One of the pluses to come out of this month long posting is that I opened up this scrapbook and found it to be incomplete! Obviously put it away with the intention of completing it, and then forgot all about it. So have decided during May to go through all the 12 x 12 albums and find anything not quite complete and fix it. Also re-stick some bits and pieces where I must have used cheaper glue. Some feel like they are going to be stuck there beyond the second coming and other papers fall off as I lift the page!

Onto the V for VIP, the spaces are for Mum, Dad and Sandra, Angela, and my two sets of Grand-parents. But actually I think I am very lucky to have a whole lot of other people that I would class as VIP - Jeff, the kids, my dear friends, people that have come into my life for a short period but still impacted on it. Oh Lord, I sound like one of those gushy types accepting their Oscar *rolls eyes*

And that's all for today folks, got an application form to complete :)
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for


T is for

Tainted Love
Tea - cup of
Twinkle Toes
Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for

Sod it this is getting boring LOL!
Seriously though, it's actually quite time consuming to post every day, especially when, like yesterday, you have to do the whole thing twice.
So, quick one as busy day/week ahead.
Some of my favourite things include
Snow - I just love snow, I would much prefer a winter holiday in a log cabin, real fire and snow all around, than frying for a fortnight on the beach
San Gennaro - my favourite place in the world. Around the start of the 1900's there was over 200 people living in the village. Fast forward 100 years and it's down to single figures. So sad. But the people don't help the situation. About 20 years ago Jeff and I wanted to buy one of the properties, they initially accepted the offer, then came back saying someone had offered 3 times as much. So we didn't buy it. They didn't sell it. And now it's nearly a pile of ruins. But it is peaceful - oh except for loud claps of thunder which echos around the mountain and sounds like a gas explosion. Beautiful scenery. Okay, you get it, I love it!
Scrubs - one of my favourite comedy series ever
St Margaret Clitherow, St Josephs and St Francis - The Churches where I have celebrated all the sacraments so far - hoping to put off the last one for a few years yet
Singing - in the shower, in the car, on stage - well, mostly, except the one time I hit a duff note, and I knew I was going to. Even told the singing instructor, but she wouldn't listen to me. Think maybe she'll listen to her students concerns a bit more next time?
Sex - did I really write that? Well, let's be honest, if you know me in real life, you know that anyway!
Seasons - one of the things that is most infuriating about England is also one of the best things :)
Scrapbooking - my favourite hobby, although I do like a whole lot of others, as regular readers will know. I'm not brill at them, but I enjoy them, and they are very therapeutic - essential quality for me!
Strawberries - just yum!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Update

Can't flaming believe it - had this post all ready, just had to add Joshua's football pictures to it, and managed to delete the whole post! Here we go again ........

Joshua scoring :)
19th wedding anniversary
Gracie's 10th birthday
He made me watch Sci-fi, so I made him watch Pitch Perfect ;)

Trip up to Cordes Hall - Panto is going to be brill :)
Decorating some canvases :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for


Okay, a really quick one as yesterdays and tomorrow's posts took ages - yes I have already done tomorrows, impressed? You'd think that a photo post would be quick, but no, taking, resizing, uploading, trust me, not quick.

So today R is for Rodeo
For several years we used to have a big, and I mean big, barbeque each summer, from 3pm till whenever the last person left. On average over 100 people would visit at some point. It used to be manic and I used to love it! It almost always rained, I can think of only 1 dry day! Most visitors would bring some food and drink, cos feeding the 5000 is no mean feat when you haven't got God on your side :) But we always organised the 'entertainment'. The first year was a huge bouncy castle, the second year a giant inflatable slide. My favourite ever was the bungee run. But the photo on the scrapbook page was the year we hired out a bucking bronco - hence Rodeo (okay, it's a stretch, but I struggled with R!). The kids all loved it, and most of the adults did too!

Laterz xx
Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for

And I didn't realise just how much I loved quotes until I walked around the house with my camera! So before you get blown over with photos, just a reminder that each year I pick a phrase/quote/word to help guide me through the year. This years is the first and the second should be my mantra!

Okay, ready for this. Now these are all around my house, and only downstairs, didn't even go upstairs! Looking at these all day help maintain my sanity! Which is just as well as today I've been to the docs to be stabbed - had breakfast with mum - applied for 2 jobs - created two business albums on Truprint - usual housework - have an client for an indian head massage booked - Ella's got a party - need I go on? No? Okay, enjoy the quotes instead!