Tuesday, April 02, 2013

B is for ....

Boys! Well, couldn't really be anything else could it? Well, I suppose, yes, technically it could, and I've listed a few , but with the 5 boys what other choice was there?

Benjamin - of course!
Books - Love reading, usually have 3 on the go at once!
Bubble Baths - with candles, a glass of wine, a book, and no interruptions! Bliss- oh, another B! This should also be under 'C' - for Chance would be a fine thing ;)
Blood Brothers - one of my favourite musicals. Saw it in Liverpool when it first opened. My poor cousin Ronnie had gone with me and Daria (my cuz, his sis) and by the end of it was having to console us both! Seen it 3 times since and cried every time! 
Blues Brothers - right of passage to watch this and love it isn't it?
Blackadder - so, so funny.
Beatles - How could I not mention The Beatles when looking at B
Bible - Belief - needs no explanation

And and couple more - babies - beach - boyfriends - blood donor - Buffy.

This scrapbook page has Joseph, Joshua and Benjamin, not the older 2. That's the trouble with scrapping at an event, haven't always got the best photos to hand. On the layout is this perfect verse by Patsy Gaut :

'Being a boy is not so much about your destination in life, but choosing the path that leads to a colorful journey filled with good friends and awesome moments. Your personality is a portrait of yourself. Don't take yourself too seriously; the best moments in life come when you least expect them. Make today an adventure. Keep dreaming. Keep smiling.'

Just perfect for the boys - they haven't made my life easy at times, but having them makes it perfect.


  1. I enjoyed your post Suzanne! Best of luck with the rest of the challenge!!

    1. Hi Doreen, I am so sorry I didn't reply to your kind words earlier. Google put your comment in spam :( Thanks for visiting xx

  2. I agree. I love my life and live a life of love. B is also for Bold!

    Kathy Hadley

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by.I do love inspirational quotes :) Off to visit your blog in a bit xx

  3. I love Beatles too! Also B is for blue eyes :)

    1. Hi Delia, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit :) I found B very easy - think some of the other letters of the alphabet will be more challenging! Off to visit your blog in a bit xx


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