Saturday, April 06, 2013

F is for

Fun - and I think a short light-hearted post is needed after yesterday's heavy one
Family - Ironically most things that matter most to be start with the letter F
Faith  - My belief that there is something more out there is strong, always has been
Friends - You can choose your friends, and I am so lucky in my life to have so many good friends
Fireworks - One of my Favourite things, but has to be a proper display like the ones in Italy on Feast Days
First Love - 17, his name was Dale. Tragic events that, despite how open I am on here, I'm not sharing that.
Fiat 127 - My First car and it was turquoise! Now that colour was out of Favour for years, but seems to have reappeared :)
Fountains - Love running water, be it man made fountains, rivers, waterfalls 
Football - Who would have thought I would ever be into football? But with all the males in the house, it was join in, or spend a lot of time alone. And I'm so glad I did, I would have missed out so much if I hadn't been involved in that part of their lives. Even won an 'award' one year for the most vocal Mum on the touchline - not sure that was a compliment!
Fires - Take after my Dad, love a fire, and love the smell of burning wood - got to be the right wood though!

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  1. Aye, F is one of my favorite letters for most of the reasons you listed. Especially fires. Oh god, burning hickory chips! :)

    1. Isn't it lovely that smells can invoke such strong feelings :) Thanks for stopping by Ang x

  2. And Falls (waterfalls)... I love those! The roaring sounds, the amazing beauty... F is a good letter.

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting. I must admit there is so much in nature which leaves me breathless :) x

  3. Fun free-form post. And I love the banner quote about loving life.

    Happy A-Z! Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge FB group.

    Flier and flyer - Mixed messages and misused words from A to Z

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting :) Glad you liked the post, definitely needed an easy one after the letter E! x

  4. I love posts like these - that have a personal touch. Lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yep, I love fountains too :D.

    1. Hi Suzy, thanks for visiting, glad you liked the post :) x


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