Monday, April 08, 2013

G is for

Gabriella - but she was covered, in great detail, here, under E for Ella, my beautiful, exasperating, annoying, stressful, wouldn't change her for the world, daughter.
Gemini - my star sign. I don't especially believe in reading my stars, but must admit when I've read the description of a typical Gemini, it's like 'wow' - which is a good and a bad thing
Galaxy - Our last 2 cars have been Galaxy's once the kids legs outgrew the Spacewagon!
Goosebbumps - my lovely, ill-fated shop
Games - Enjoy playing board games, card games, jigsaws
God - needs no explanation
Gatherings - having family and friends around me :)
Gak - or whatever you want to call it. My favourite nursery 'toy' - cornflour and water, fascinating to watch and therapeutic to use
Governor - I have been a Governor at the Catholic school the kids are went to for about 12/13 years now. It hasn't been without some drama, but I really enjoy the feeling that I'm giving back to the community in a little way.
Grass - the smell of freshly cut grass :)
Garden - just sitting out there and reading/typing/watching the world go by
Gross - hate slapstick, fake sick/snot - bleurgh makes feel sick just thinking about it. Moving on quickly ...
Gran Canaria - the only holiday Jeff and I have ever had without the children. Still one more than none I suppose!

Wow I like G almost as much as F (sounds like should be lines from a Dr Seuss book!)

And finally

God-Children - The scrapbook page only shows my Godson, but the layout is several years old, and regular readers will know we also have an adorable God-daughter, Orla. I always remember their birthday's and Christmas, and will embarrass Dean at every opportunity with cuddles in front of his mates. But he's a teenager now, so that's not cool (so of course I'm going to do it!) Being close to his family made the decision to support them last year an effortless decision. Orla though is still pre-school, so we get the pleasure of taking her out to the park, attending her birthday parties, fun things without the telling off - bit like grandparents :) And it's allowed us to develop a much closer relationship with her parents and adorable big sister. I think being asked to be a GP is such an honour, and I hope I live up to the role.
Jeff and Orla at Virginia Waters earlier this year


  1. Hi Suzanne, delightful and uplifting post. Love the artwork around it that you've done. Keep up the good posting.

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks for visiting - just trying to do an A-Z of me, so hopefully mostly positive with a few downers here and there! x

  2. Great take on A to Z (lots of words that start with the same letter!)

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting :) I have enjoyed thinking of letters personal to me, hopefully it's not too boring for visitors! x


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